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1U/2U Server Cooling Solution

|  Basic market situation

With the advent of the digital age, data center servers have experienced rapid and continuous development and are playing an increasingly important role, providing powerful computing capabilities for applications such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. As servers continue to evolve and expand in scale, their processing power and storage capacity continue to increase, and their heat dissipation requirements are getting higher and higher. Traditional air cooling methods can no longer meet the growing heat dissipation needs. In order to solve this problem, server liquid cooling solution emerged.


|  Market pain points

There are the following difficulties in implementing a liquid cooling solution in 1U/2U server:

1.The problem of limited design space: The original air-cooling design solution is relatively mature. If you want to add a liquid cooling solution while maintaining the original design solution, the layout space for the liquid cooling solution will be very limited. 1U server Height = 4.445 cm, 2U server height = 4.445*2 = 8.89 cm.

2.Sealing and anti-leakage issues: Liquid cooling systems involve the use of a large amount of liquid media, and the core component in the server is the chip (CPU and GPU, etc.). Once the chip comes into contact with liquid, there is a risk of burning, resulting in The entire server is damaged, so it’s crucial to ensure the fluid circulation system is air-tightness and leak-proof.

3.Heat dissipation efficiency and performance issues: More than 55% of chip failures are caused by heat transfer failure or temperature rise. If the chip is above 70 degrees, its reliability will be reduced by 50% for every 10 degrees of temperature increase. Once the quality of the components in the cooling assembly is not good or the circulation design is not effective, there is a possibility of unstable product performance, which will lead to local overheating or insufficient cooling, thus affecting the normal operation of the server.


|  TOPSFLO Solution

In order to meet the needs of cold-plate liquid-cooled servers, Topsflo Pump has specially designed a water pump with a unique flat design for them, which can better solve the problems currently encountered by server manufacturers:

1.The TDC thickness of the micro water pump is as low as 36mm and the overall size is small. The solution of combining the pump and the cold plate can be customized to help save space in the data center. Compared with bulky traditional cooling equipment, the compact design of micro water pumps makes server liquid cooling systems easier to deploy in limited spaces.

2.Water pump static seal design, imported PPS high-quality materials, high-precision molds, 100% strict air tightness testing of the water pump through high-standard air tightness testing equipment imported from France, effectively reducing the risk of leakage to ensure the safety of the server system performance and reliability.

3.Adopt unique rotor suspension technology and select high-wear-resistant imported graphite bushings and high-precision ceramic shafts to resist long-term operation and inevitable wear, ensure stable performance and operating status of the water pump, and reduce server system failures and downtime.

4.According to the heat dissipation requirements of the server, the micro water pump TDC is customized with a maximum flow rate of 8L/min and a maximum water head of 5M. The flow rate and water head are optimized in a compact size to meet the heat dissipation needs of the system. At the same time, the built-in smart chip can customize intelligent speed regulation and signal feedback functions to meet the needs of real-time intelligent monitoring of servers and help achieve more precise temperature control and stability of the server system.

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