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The laser chiller is a cooling device for cooling the generator of laser equipment by water circulation. It can control the temperature of the laser generator and maintain the normal operation of the laser generator for a long time. It is an indispensable and important part of the operation of laser equipment.

The working principle of the laser chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the chassis, the cooling system cools the water, and then circulates the cooling water to the laser equipment through the coolant pump to achieve the purpose of cooling. Among them, the laser cooling circulation pump plays an important role as the heart of the system, and its main functions are:

1. Promoting the circulation of cooling fluid to realize that excessively high operating temperature of the laser tube will cause irreversible damage and weaken the laser output power. The service life of the laser tube will also be greatly shortened.

2. Provide large and stable flow and head to maintain the performance of the chiller. The water circulation is unstable or the head is too small, which will easily cause poor heat dissipation of the laser chiller module and Q head, and easily cause dirty blockage, which directly affects the performance of the laser chiller. and service life.

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Laser Chiller Pump Series by TOPSFLO

  • Chiller Water Pump TA60E
    Chiller Water Pump TA60E

    Voltage 24V

    Max Flow 35L/min

    Max Water Head 21M

  • Laser Chiller Water Pump
    Laser Chiller Water Pump

    Voltage 12V 24V

    Max Flow 20L 24L/min

    Max Water Head 8M 11M

  • Chiller Cooling Water Pump C01
    Chiller Cooling Water Pump C01

    Voltage 12V 24V

    Max Flow 16L 20L/min

    Max Water Head 8M 11M

More energy-saving and more efficient! TOPSFLO assists chillers to achieve rapid cooling

With the continuous development of social economy, machines have become a necessity for industrial production activities. In order to ensure the use effect of machines and product quality, cooling and maintenance equipment such as chillers have become an indispensable and critical part of the production process.

Chiller, commonly known as freezer, refrigerating machine, ice machine, cooler, etc., are cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant flow, and constant pressure.

The demand for chiller is showing a straight-line upward trend in the domestic and even global markets. It is widely used in many scenarios such as industry, electronics, medical pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing, energy storage temperature control, laboratory and computer room equipment, 5G base stations, etc.

The cooling water temperature of the chiller can be automatically adjusted according to the requirements, almost no water consumption, and long-term use can save a lot of water. It is an ideal device to quickly achieve the ideal cooling effect and save energy.

The chiller transmits the coolant (cooling water or coolant) to the equipment to be cooled through three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system and electrical automatic control system. The coolant takes away the heat from the equipment and flows back to the water tank. The reciprocating cycle achieves the role of cooling.

In the overall equipment, the circulating water pump to transport the coolant plays a vital role. How to improve the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system to the maximum at the same time, the cooling circulation pump can achieve the maximum output more efficient and energy-saving, faster to provide cooling equipment, is the urgent demand and development trend of the market.

TOPSFLO has launched the chiller cooling circulation pump TL-C01 as early as when the market needed more efficient and energy-saving water pumps.
TOPSFLO has a team of R&D engineers with more than 20 years of industry experience, and has strong independent R&D and design product strength. In the early stage of product development, the water pump performance review and temperature rise review are strictly followed, international first-line brand electronic components are used, the motor and electronic solutions are reasonably controlled, and the layout design has as much heat dissipation area as possible, which has better temperature resistance. The chiller water pump can achieve the maximum output under the given power, the overall heat generation of the water pump is smaller, and the loss is lower. While the efficiency is high, it will not bring more heat sources and affect the heat dissipation of the overall equipment.


Chiller Cooling Circulation Pump Manufacturer-1

Chiller Cooling Circulation Pump Manufacturer-1

TOPSFLO R&D engineers have compared and tested chiller water pump TL-C01 and the same parameters and power pumps (50W) on the market. TL-C01-C24-2411 can stably output a flow rate of 24L/min, while the comparison pump can only achieve a maximum of 18L/min. Under the same conditions, TOPSFLO cooling water pump efficiency is 30% higher, outputting more effective work, more efficient and energy-saving.

At the same time, the factory is equipped with more than 100 sets of international advanced automation equipment. On the premise of improving productivity and helping customers save production costs, it can effectively guarantee the batch consistency of water pumps, so that customers can choose with confidence.

Taking advantage of technological innovation, TOPSFLO breaks through the pain points of the market and continuously meets the needs of diversified applications in the chiller market. In the past 20 years, it has focused on the development of reliable and accurate fluid power solutions, and has a number of independent patents. In the future, TOPSFLO will continue to study and bring better products to customers.

How to select the water flow rate of laser chillers pump ?

In the selection method of the laser chiller, the water flow and head of the chiller will directly affect the stable operation of the laser chiller in the future.


1) The flow rate of the chiller water pump is too small:

The direct effect of too small flow rate of the water pump is that the heat cannot be quickly taken out from the cooled equipment, causing the temperature of the cooled equipment to rise. And because the cooling water flow rate is not fast enough, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet becomes larger, so the surface temperature difference of the temperature-controlled equipment is relatively large.


2) The chiller water pump flow rate is too large:

The large flow rate of the water pump makes the cooling effect of the chiller good and the cooling capacity large, which can meet the cooling requirements. However, an excessively large cooling water circulation pump will inevitably increase the equipment cost of the industrial chiller, and the operating cost such as electricity will also increase. The high cooling water flow and pressure will also increase the resistance of the water flow pipe, which will cause unnecessary energy consumption, reduce the service life of the cooling water circulating pump, and may cause many other failure

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