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Laser Chiller Water Pump

Laser Chiller Water Pump

The cooling water in the laser chiller circulates continuously between the equipment and the evaporator of the compressor refrigeration system through the operation of the circulating water pump. The heat generated during the operation of the equipment is finally transferred to the air through the refrigeration cycle of the compressor refrigeration system. The corresponding control device can control the work of the compressor refrigeration system according to the set parameters, so as to ensure that the cooling water temperature of the equipment is always controlled within the specified range. In order to ensure the stable and safe operation of the equipment.

Product Parameters:
Voltage :12V 24V
Max Flow :20L 24L/min
Max Water Head :8M 11M

Laser Chiller Pump

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  • Overview

    The laser chiller is a cooling device for cooling the generator of laser equipment by water circulation. It can control the temperature of the laser generator and maintain the normal operation of the laser generator for a long time. It is an indispensable and important part of the operation of laser equipment.

    The working principle of the laser chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the chassis, the cooling system cools the water, and then circulates the cooling water to the laser equipment through the coolant pump to achieve the purpose of cooling. Among them, the laser cooling circulation pump plays an important role as the heart of the system, and its main functions are:

    1. Promoting the circulation of cooling fluid to realize that excessively high operating temperature of the laser tube will cause irreversible damage and weaken the laser output power. The service life of the laser tube will also be greatly shortened.

    2. Provide large and stable flow and head to maintain the performance of the chiller. The water circulation is unstable or the head is too small, which will easily cause poor heat dissipation of the laser chiller module and Q head, and easily cause dirty blockage, which directly affects the performance of the laser chiller. and service life.


    Laser Chiller Water Pump C01 Features:

    ♦ Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal,without any leakage forever
    ♦ Heavy duty work,can sustain continuous work
    ♦ High efficiency brushless DC motor with long lifetime >20,000hours
    ♦ 3-phase motor for lower power consumption and lower fever
    ♦ Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller and fine ceramic shaft
    ♦ Specializing closed-type impeller for lower water loss bring higher efficiency
    ♦ High precision one-time injection magnetic rotor for stable lower vibration
    ♦ High temperature materials for liquid temperature 100°C
    ♦ Ultra-quietness,≤40dB(A)
    ♦ IP level: IP68
    ♦ Low or no maintenance
    ♦ Food grade materials
    ♦Imported Japan XYRON PPE material, certificated by FDA,WRAS,RoHS,CE& NSF
    ♦ Over-Voltage Protection,Over-Current Protection,Blocked-Protection function


    Laser Chiller Water Pump C01 Application:

    Laser Chiller
    Laser cooling equipment3D printer Cooling
    Medical beauty & Other Medical equipment
    Water Heater Recirculating System,Gas Boiler
    Electric Instant Water Heater
    HVAC System,Heating System
    Boosting Applications
    General Purpose Pumping


    Laser Chiller Water Pump C01 Specification:

    BLDC Water Pump C01C


    Curve & Dimension(mm):
    Laser Chiller pump C01 BLDC Water Pump C01C





  • Customization

    1. /PWM or /5V speed control
    2. /FG (RPM) signal wire
    3./PV solar pannel drive
    Custom function
    Dry-running Protection
    Cumulatively provide customized services for 100+ well-known brands around the world
    Provide customers with professional customized solutions
    For other customization, please contact us !

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