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Application of TOPSFLO Pump Products in Global Anti-epidemic Medical Devices

Internationally, the main epidemic strains of the COVID-19 are still evolving, and the COVID-19 in many countries is showing a rebound trend. The WHO stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic remains a public health emergency of international concern. Thousands of people around the world are still infected everyday. Therefore, the demand for important medical equipment in hospitals is also increasing, such as ventilators, defibrillators, Atomizers, patient monitors, ECMO, CT, etc.
Pump is an indispensable component in the application of medical devices. This article will show you those TOPSFLO medical pumps that work in anti-epidemic medical devices.



pump for Ventilator

Ventilator is the key equipment to prevent and treat respiratory failure, save and prolong patient’s life. Pneumonia caused by the COVID-19 is most prone to hypoxemia, which is what we often call low oxygen saturation. The most direct way to treat this symptom is to inhale oxygen, and then use mechanical ventilation, that is, a ventilator.
For patients with pneumonia caused by the COVID-19, the ventilator is their “life-saving machine”. If you are unfortunately infected with the COVID-19 and have difficulty breathing, the most important thing is to get timely medical treatment and use appropriate assisted breathing. The ventilator replaces the person’s own breathing process, which can help the patient to resist the infection and eventually recover.
Topsflo double-head diaphragm air pump is currently operating in the ventilator ventilation system used in the fight against the epidemic. It adopts food-grade safe raw materials, has a highly optimized heat dissipation structure and a patented diaphragm structure, and has good heat dissipation and wear-resistance performance, which can effectively ensure the ventilator’s stable operation and provide clean compressed air for patients with breathing difficulties.



medical pump for Atomizer

Atomization inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method in respiratory system diseases. It is mainly used to treat various upper and lower respiratory system diseases. Atomizer inhaler is used to atomize the liquid medicine into tiny particles, and the medicine is inhaled through breathing into the respiratory tract and lung deposition, so as to achieve the purpose of painless, rapid and effective treatment. For patients with new coronary pneumonia, atomization expectorant and interferon atomization inhalation are common treatments in the recovery process.
Because the liquid medicine needs to be pressurized by a high-pressure pump and then sprayed into the atomizer to be atomized, the pump is the key component of the atomizer equipment. The high-end series of  Topsflo diaphragm air pumps perfectly match the application requirements of the atomizer. Its brushed motor and brushless motor all adopt the self-designed medical EMC motor scheme to ensure that the entire atomizer can pass the IEC 60601 standard test, and the products meet the requirements CE, ROHS, REACH standards and can better meet the needs of customers in the medical industry.


Gene Sequencer

pump for gene sequencer

The gene sequencer can be used for gene and virus screening. Its application in the diagnosis of infectious diseases is mainly reflected in the following: using sequencing technology to identify the gene sequence of the pathogen corresponding to an infectious disease Efficacy and safety of medication. At the same time, genetic sequencing can be used to discover new pathogens and better prevent them. During the epidemic, gene sequencers can make more accurate and faster diagnosis of new crown patients and co-infected people.
The gene sequencer needs to rely on the water pump to cool the chip platform. As the core component of the device, the water pump is very important to ensure its stability. At present, TOPSFLO DC brushless pumps have been successfully used in gene sequencers developed by well-known domestic medical equipment manufacturers, and sent to major hospitals and testing institutions to assist in anti-epidemic work and virus screening. During the tense period of the epidemic, TOPSFLO Medical Device Pump well fulfill every mission in the gene sequencer, improved the efficiency of gene and virus screening, and helped fight the epidemic with stable and reliable quality.

Medical equipment can save lives . In order to meet the needs of medical equipment manufacturers during the epidemic, TOPSFLO focuses on tailor-made options for specific needs in many aspects to ensure the maximum effect of the product during use, like safety, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, size, vibration, control, motor, voltage, noise. In addition to the above medical devices, Topsflo products have also been successfully used in other medical products such as nasal aspirator, medical rehabilitation massage, and heat and cold physiotherapy equipment.
Topsflo is proud to be able to provide the best support in the fight against the epidemic! We will continue to make breakthroughs and strive to provide higher quality products and solutions for more industries!

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