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The Water Pump Brand Behind Starbucks Dishwashers —TOPSFLO

We have shared the DC water pump and AC water pump in the dishwasher application before, today we’d like to share the DC water pump dishwasher customer cooperation case with you, we hope it will be helpful to you.
In 2020, a well-known Brand in South Korea began to develop a new concept of dishwasher — Sprinkle Washing. After long-term verification, TOPSFLO’s dishwasher small dc water pumps TL-B10-C12-0905 and TL-C01-A12-2008, which pump 100 degrees of boiling water for washing, have been perfectly matched and put into use. The specific parameters of the pump are as follows:

Product Brushless DC water pump TL-C01 Brushless DC water pump TL-B10
Voltage 12V (or 24V) 12V (or 24V)
Water head 6-7M 6-7M
Water flow 17-20L 8-9L
Working temp. ~100 ~100
Recommend Model TL-C01-A12-2008 TL-B10-C12-0905
Photo  dishwasher-sprinkle-washing-DC pump c01  dishwasher-sprinkle-washing-DC pump b10

This dishwasher under the stage with a favorable reception at the exhibition, small size, but very clean, mainly for Starbucks and other chain brand stores. We believe that in the near future, it will become the best choice for household dishwashers as well.


At present, the quality of DC pump manufacturers on the market is uneven. TOPSFLO, a manufacturer with continuous resistance to 100 degrees of high temperature, is identified as the only choice in the industry by many famous brand customers in the high temperature industry.

According to the interview with the customer, AC pump was used by the Korean customer before, which was first excluded from their new product. Before the final selection of DC water pump, they also tested DC water pump products from 6 different manufacturers. 1st one had the problem of unstable flow after two weeks of high temperature testing. And 2nd one was burned and stopped working after about one month testing; The remaining three companies have been running the lifetime testing together with TOPSFLO.
After running for half a year, a comparative test was conducted, and it was found that only the pump performance of TOPSFLO did not change, nor did the noise increase. The samples of the remaining three companies all had the above two problems to varying degrees, and one of them even had the problem of rotor cracking.

So, how to ensure that the pump does not have problems under high temperature conditions?
1. Reliable electronic components, high temperature resistant rotor and housing, even ceramic shaft and gasket. Plastic materials will be deformed under high temperature conditions, and the strength and tolerance of some materials will be reduced over time, so the selection of famous brands of raw materials is the guarantee of long-term high temperature water pump.

2. In addition to high temperature resistant raw materials, high temperature resistant water pump design rationality and technical ability also have corresponding requirements, only the accumulation of long-term R&D experience to create high efficiency, low heat, stable performance and low failure rate of high temperature water pump.  

3. Strict high temperature test, not only the enameled wire, chips and other electronic components of the high temperature test, but also 3000 hours of continuous high temperature testing, all those elements are to ensure that the long-term high temperature of the pump does not failure.

Finally, dishwasher pumps need to pass food grade certification, which varies from country to country, such as FDA, NSF, WRAS. TOPSFLO certification is complete. At the same time, TOPSFLO has two years of cooperated South Korean brand to do the endorsement, after the market long-term continuous verification, there is no adverse feedback or customer complaints, can absolutely rest assured to use.
As the pump brand behind Starbucks dishwashers, TOPSFLO prides itself on making high quality pumps that are convenient and safe for everyone. We hope TOPSFLO will become a DC water pump brand at your home in the future.

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