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What is a brushless DC mini water pump?

I. Definition of Micro Brushless DC Mini Water Pump
Brushless Mini DC water Pump refers to a machine that uses DC 4.5V ~ 24V to drive a brushless motor to run, and the brushless motor rotation drives the impeller to rotate, thereby increasing the pressure of the liquid to achieve the effect of transferring liquid.
The water pump is generally composed of pump body, motor stator, shaft, bearing, rotor (magnets and impellers) and so on. There are one inlet and one outlet on the pump body, water enters from the water inlet, and exits through the outlet. Any water pump that adopts this form and in small size is called brushless DC mini water pump.
With the development of all walks of life and the progress of science and technology, some customers want to make the pump smaller and lower power consumption, even portable and can be powered by DC. Therefore, miniaturization of water pumps has become an inevitable trend.


II. Principle of Micro Brushless Mini DC Water Pump
Micro brushless DC water pump adopts advanced magnetic drive technology, liquid through the permanent magnet rotor high-speed rotation, static seal design instead of traditional mechanical shaft seal. The liquid is completely isolated from the motor to avoid liquid leakage and improve product life and performance.
The water pump has a built-in frequency conversion brushless DC motor, no need for carbon brush commutation, no mechanical friction and heat generation, low power, and small temperature rise.
The brushless magnetic drive overcomes the inherent defects of the brushed motor and replaces the mechanical commutator with an electronic commutator. Therefore, the BLDC motor not only has the characteristics of good speed regulation performance of the DC motor, but also has the advantages of a simple structure of the AC motor. Reversing sparks, reliable operation and easy maintenance.There is no commutator and carbon brush wear, which reduces mechanical noise and prolongs the service life of the water pump. It is not only related to performance indicators, noise, vibration, reliability and service life, etc., but also involves the manufacturing cost of the product.
At the same time, the brushless DC motor can also accurately feed back the target number of revolutions, torque, etc. Heat generation and power consumption of the motor can be suppressed by precise control.


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III. Characteristics of  Brushless DC Mini Water Pump
1. No leakage. Using advanced magnetic drive technology, the stator part and rotor part of the water pump are completely isolated, statically sealed, and leak-free.
2. Long life. It can work continuously for 24 hours for a long time; the service life can reach more than 20,000 hours.
3. Low noise. One-piece injection molded silent rotor is adopted, with low rotor unbalance; imported high-precision ceramic shaft, imported materials and high-precision molds, high-precision control of component size and perfect fit, the noise is 5-10dBA lower than that of water pumps with the same parameters in the market.
4. High temperature resistance. Imported high-temperature food-grade plastic parts are used, which can withstand high temperatures of 100°C for a long time without cracking or deformation.
5. Complete certification. Topsflo pumps have passed multiple authoritative certifications such as NSF, FDA, WRAS, and meet food-grade safety requirements.
6. Customization. With strong research and development strength, water pump products can be customized according to the special needs of customers.


IV. Application range of Brushless DC Mini Water Pump
Micro brushless DC water pumps are widely used in many industries including cooling circulation system, 3D laser printer cooling, battery cooling system, hot water circulation, radiator, heater, water purifier, water dispenser, coffee machine, vending machines, water heaters, water purification humidifier, sweepers, automotive air-conditioning systems, air-conditioning drainage, automotive cooling circulation systems, cleaning equipment, computer CPU cooling circulation, bathroom equipment and many other fields.

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