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What are the working principle and structural characteristics of brushless DC water pumps?

Brushless centrifugal pump is the most widely used category in the pump applications, due to its obvious advantages in high water resistance, high efficiency, long life, low noise and vibration, compact size and so on.

So, do you know how a brushless centrifugal pump works?

How to choose a brushless centrifugal pump to match the equipment?

This article will show you details.


Brushless centrifugal pump working principle

The brushless DC centrifugal pump is driven by a brushless DC motor, and uses the rotation of the impeller to make the centrifugal motion of the water to work.

Before the pump is started, the pump body and suction pipe must be filled with water (without self-priming function), and then the motor is started to drive the impeller and water to rotate at a high speed. The flow channel flows into the pressurized water line of the pump. At the center of the pump impeller, since the water is thrown out under the action of centrifugal force, a vacuum is formed, and the water in the suction pool is pressed into the pump casing under the action of atmospheric pressure, and the impeller rotates continuously, so that the water is in the impeller. Under the action of continuous inflow and outflow, the purpose of transporting water is achieved.


Structure Features of Brushless Centrifugal Pump

Brushless DC centrifugal pump is composed of many components, including pump head, motor stator, shaft, bearing, rotor, impeller and so on.

According to the different performance characteristics of each component, the water pump presents the following structural characteristics:


1.The use of electronic components for commutation does not require the use of carbon brushes for commutation. The magnetic drive of the motor has no mechanical friction and low heat generation. Most low-power pumps can work continuously for 24 hours for a long time, avoiding the traditional brushed motor that cannot be used for a long time, spark generation and current interference during work and operation.


2.After the power is energized, the magnetic force is generated to drive the pump to work continuously, and the service life is up to 30000 hours.


3.Adopting high-performance ceramic shaft, or wear-resistant and mute graphite bearing which is integrated with magnet through injection molding, to avoid wear while making lower noise.


4 The shaft adopts high-performance ceramic shaft with high precision and good shock resistance.


5.The stator and the rotor parts are completely isolated, and the pump shaft from the dynamic seal into a closed static seal, which completely avoids media leakage.


6.The stator and circuit board parts are sealed with epoxy resin, 100% waterproof, therefore the pump can be installed underwater and completely waterproof.


7.The rotor part adopts permanent magnet, and the water pump body adopts environmental protection material.


8.By adjusting the various required parameters by the stator windings, the pump can be operated on wide voltage .


Key points of selecting a brushless centrifugal pump

Brushless dc water pump can be widely used in water dispensers, coffee machines, electric kettles, electric vehicles, solar water circulation system, instant thermal water heaters, solar water heaters, intelligent toilets, water heating mattresses, medical beauty equipment and other fields.

When choosing a brushless centrifugal pump, please be sure to first confirm the match between the pump and the equipment.

♦ First, determine the working voltage, current, head and flow, diameter size. In general, the maximum water head is the static water head with no flow when the water is pumped to the maximum head. If you want to pump the water to a certain height and maintain a certain flow at the same time, the required water head must be higher than the specified pumping height when selecting a pump.

♦ Secondly, determine the volume and shape requirements (threaded interface,  the direction and diameter size of the inlet and outlet, etc.).

♦ Thirdly, determine the working environment (temperature, medium).

♦ Fourth, determin e whether there are other special functional requirements (time control, motion control, pressure control, flow control, speed control, etc.).


Topsflo professional brushless dc circulation pump application support

Since 2005, Topsflo has been focusing on high-end micro brushless DC pump research and development and production. So far, Topsflo brushless DC pump has obtained more than 50 national patents, and products have passed CQC, CE, ROHS, REACH, FDA, WRAS and other international well-known certification. Topsflo brushless DC centrifugal pump adopts advanced magnetic drive isolation type, leading peers in high temperature resistance, silence, long life, batch consistency and other aspects

Topsflo has independent research and development, technical service team, which can provide standardized products at the same time, but also meet personalized needs. With years of experience in product customization, Topsflo can help customers make the right choice. According to different application industries, Topsflo recommends customers to use different models of micro-brushless centrifugal pumps, and provides customers with different solutions to help customers form differentiated competitiveness in the industry.

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