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Why Brushless DC Water Pump will Become a New Trend to Replace AC water pump of Fluid Industry in the Future?

In recent years, DC motor water pump have been well known by many companies because of its small size, low power, more safety etc.. Many engineers will consider upgrading their AC water pumps to DC water pumps. Today, let me take you all to find out “why brushless DC motor pump will become a new trend to replace AC water pump of fluid industry in the future”.

First of all, brushless DC pump adopts electronic components for commutation, and detects the position of the permanent magnet through programs. Unlike the traditional AC water pump motor, which will wear out when rotating the carbon brush, the brushless DC water pump don’t need the use of carbon brush commutation, which is a new water pump technology.  There may still be many people who do not know this new pump technology. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of brushless DC water pumps:

1.Brushless DC water pump more safety
The common power supply for brushless DC water pumps is low-voltage 24V or 12V, which is far lower than the human body safe contact voltage of 36V. It will not cause any damage to the human body and organisms in case that the wire is aging, leakage, etc. However, the AC water pump is high-voltage electricity, once the wire is aging or leaky, it will cause great harm to human body and organisms.

In many industries, the use of AC water pumps will have potential safety hazard, such as swimming pool equipment, fish tank pumping, and dishwasher equipment, once the electricity leaks, it will cause safety hazards to the human body. But brushless DC water pumps do not have this safety hazard problem.

2. Brushless DC pumps are more energy efficient
The traditional AC water pump with 3000L/hour (5L/min) flow rate needs 100W+ power while the water head is less than 3M. For this reason, many manufacturers falsely standardize the parameters (the normal error of pump parameters is about ±5%, and the AC water pump is far more than that). As a result, when you use the water pump, the energy consumption is very large, because the friction loss of the AC water pump motor rotating carbon brush is very large. The brushless DC water pump has a flow rate of nearly 12000L/hour (200L/min) at 100W, and the water head is still 5M. That’s because the brushless DC pump has very low loss and high efficiency.

After one year, with the same power use, you can even save money for several water pumps on your electricity bill by using a brushless DC water pump.

3.Brushless DC pumps have longer lifetime and more silent
Brushless DC water pump adopts the combination of ceramic and carbon fiber graphite shaft sleeve, there is basically no friction and no noise during use,which greatly increase its lifetime. This is not the case with traditional AC water pumps. As long as the motor rotates, the carbon brushes will wear out. When the pump runs to a certain point, the wear gap of the carbon brushes will become larger, and the noise will increase accordingly. After hundreds of hours of continuous operation, the carbon brushes will not be able to commutate any more.

4.Brushless DC water pump generates less heat
The heating of the water pump is inevitable. If the efficiency of the water pump is low, surely the extra power consumed will be used for heating. Due to the high voltage, the traditional AC water pump uses very thin copper wire and can only use very thin copper wire to wind the coil, so the electrical resistance will be large, the heat will be severe, and the very thin copper wire cannot use high temperature resistant enameled wire.

Micro Brushless DC water pump has a low voltage, uses a very thick copper wire, which with high temperature resistant, so that it can withstand high temperatures and has a low temperature rise. Anyone who understands electronics knows that electrical resistance depends on the thickness and length of the copper wire.

The above are the main four advantages of brushless DC water pumps compared with traditional AC water pumps. Of course, in some specific environments, DC brushless water pumps have more advantage, I will not give examples here. I believe that in the near future, as people use more and more brushless DC pumps, they will have a better understanding of them.

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