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How does TOPSFLO TL-C05 water pump win the favor from the global car heater leader?

In Dec, 2022, good news came from the customer “H company”: TOPSFLO engine preheater water pump TL-C05 has passed UL certification together with the heater equipment of H company, and can enter the market in batches! This means that the products of both parties bring more safety and reliability guarantees to the preheater users, and also represents the opening of a new chapter in the story between TOPSFLO and H Company!

What is the background of H company?
It is a well-known leader in car heaters in the world, headquartered in the United States, with branches all over the world.

What is UL certification?
UL has been established for more than 100 years, and its authority has been well recognized. Especially backed by the huge market in the United States, UL standards have almost become the most important quality indicators in the world. UL is mainly engaged in product safety certification and business safety certification business. Its ultimate goal is to obtain products with a certain level of safety for the market and contribute to the guarantee of personal health and property safety. For manufacturers, UL has the highest recognition in the world and provides the most credible product safety testing and certification.

Then, how does the TOPSFLO engine heater water pump relate to the H company’s engine heater, and passed the UL certification together?

First contact – initial communication needs

The story begins with the first contact between TOPSFLO sales engineer Irina and H company.
It was the day after New Year’s Day in 2016. Irina took the initiative to contact the technical director of Company H to inquire about the need for water pumps. It just so happens that their new generation products is in the research and development stage, and the focus is to break through some technical defects of the original products.

After preliminary communication, Irina learned the water pump they used had the following problems:
1. It’s a AC pump, the efficiency is 2-3 times lower than that of the DC pump, and the volume is large and takes up much space;
2. In the engine system, the liquid containing impurities is easy to cause jamming and wear when passing through the water pump;
3. It is difficult for the AC pump to realize the intelligent control function of the product, such as PWM and FG;
4. The AC pump technical team was not professional enough in support, and the service response was not timely.
In addition to the above problems to be solved, the need for UL certification was also raised.

UL certification is a necessary certification to enter the US market, but it is not a rigid indicator for low-voltage water pumps as components. However, on the basis of having obtained multiple certifications in China, Europe and the United States, TOPSFLO has already made well preparations for UL certification. As long as customers is in need, TOPSFLO team will fully cooperate to help customers realize the verification of the whole machine.

The first-round sample test encountered obstacles

Based on this communication premise, Irina recommended TOPSFLO TL-C01 mini water pump for “H” to test standard parameters.
After testing various performances of the water pump (including flow head, high and low temperature, stalled rotor, power, etc.) by the “H” technical team, it was found that the car water pump needs to be adjusted as follows in order to fully adapt to the new generation heater:
First of all, the pipeline resistance of the heater is relatively large, and a pump with a head pressure of 11M is required, while the standard parameter of TL-C01 is 8M.
Secondly, due to the particularity of the working environment, metal impurities will continuously enter the liquid, causing the relevant contacts of the pump to be stuck or worn.
Thirdly, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection, the new heater system has a power limit, so the power of the water pump needs to be customized.
Finally, this new heater is an innovation of “H” exsiting product lines, and the functions of automatic signal feedback and intelligent speed regulation need to be added.

The second-round sample test is qualified

Every small adjustment of pump will involve investment in various aspects such as personnel cooperation, development costs, and time cycle, but this is not the point, and the needs of customers are the first for TOPSFLO.
After receiving feedback from “H”, Irina immediately started product optimization work, continuously discussed and verified with the R&D department for three consecutive months, and held several online communication meetings with “H”. In order to achieve the best matching effect with“H” heater, Irina asked “H” R&D team to send the heater system pipeline for testing, and repeatedly debugged the 3D samples, and finally successfully developed the mini water pump TL-C05, realizing a satisfactory customization solution:
1. Based on the large pipe resistance, TOPSFLO R&D team improved the efficiency of the motor, increased the head of the pump and reduced the power at the specified working point, while meeting the performance and power requirements. In fact, this solution is very difficult, because if you want a larger head pressure, you will inevitably increase the power.
How to increase the head pressure while reducing the power?
It requires the perfect matching of the pump structure, motor, electronics and other modules. During this period, TOPSFLO R&D team repeatedly adjusted the customized solution and tested it, and it took a full 15 days and nights.
2. Based on the particularity of the liquid and working conditions, the structure of the key component rotor is customized and molded so that metal impurities can pass through without damaging the pump, and the performance and reliability of the pump will not be affected in any way.
3. Based on signal feedback and speed regulation needs, combined with signal matching,TOPSFLO team helped “H” customize intelligent functions.

After the second sample delivery, Irina finally waited for the good news. According to feedback “H” R&D team, TOPSFLO TL-C05 car water pump has solved the problem that has been bothering them, and impurities won’t damage the water pump. These are problems that have not been solved in the previous water pump.

Hand in hand to pass UL certification

After samples were approved, “H” started formal prototype production, re-matched the test pump samples, and adjusted the structural design of the pump head again to meet the fit and seal with the preheater Auxiliary water pump flow channel, and then began a durable 2-year lifetime test.
At the beginning of 2019, after 3 years, everything was finally verified as qualified, and the purchasing department of “H” issued a trial order for 500 units.
But this is not the beginning of batches. The market still needs the car preheater to meet UL certification before it can be used safely. Then “H” and TOPSFLO responded to the needs of the UL unit, submitted materials, and conducted on-site audits and third-party verification.
In December 2022, the good news finally came that the TOPSFLO car preheater water pump C05 passed the UL certification together with “H” new generation heater!

car heater circulation pump-1.png

At the end

Irina recalled that “H” car preheater product is an innovation on the original product, and it is difficult to realize intelligent functions, appearance requirements, and internal structure restrictions. But as mentioned in the article, in the past 6 years, TOPSFLO has accompanied customers to develop this new product, overcame many difficulties, and finally realized all verification and market introduction.
Only sincerity lives up to trust! If we are lucky enough to be selected by customers, TOPSFLO will wholeheartedly help customers and achieve win-win cooperation. On the road of future development, TOPSFLO looks forward to working hand in hand with more customers and growing together!

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