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Detailed explanation of the installation and advantages of TOPSFLO car preheater water pump

As a pioneer brand of small DC water pumps, TOPSFLO has achieved innovative breakthroughs in water pump solutions in solar energy, water heating mattresses, battery cooling, hot drink machines and other fields since its birth in 2005. It has won many praises from the market and customers. In the field of automotive preheaters, the preheater electronic water pump developed and produced by TOPSFLO has also been widely praised by high-end automotive preheater manufacturers at home and abroad, and has reached long-term &in-depth cooperation with the leading domestic preheater military supplier.

So, what models can the TOPSFLO preheater water pump be matched with? And what are the advantages of using TOPSFLO pumps? This article will explain doubts in details.


Principle of car preheater water pump
The car preheater realizes that cars don’t need to heat the garage in winter, and eliminates the trouble of difficult starting after parking. Even in the freezing cold of minus 30 degrees, you can leave at will and travel at any time. At low temperatures, the car preheater heats the car’s engine, while heating the car’s interior and helping to defrost the windows. The heat source of the fuel vehicle engine preheater comes from the burning gasoline, which can be used after the engine is turned off, or can be used as auxiliary heating during driving.

So what role does the car preheater water pump play in it?
The water pump of the automobile engine preheater draws out the coolant in the engine body, heats it through the automobile engine preheater, and then circulates it into the engine body, thereby heating the engine and achieving the purpose of starting the engine in low temperature conditions.


What preheater heater model does TOPSFLO car water pump match with?
TA50 series can be matched with 5KW liquid heater
TA60 series can be matched with 10KW liquid heater


TOPSFLO Car Preheater Water Pump Installation Guide
We recommend that you install the pump between the outlet of the engine and the heat exchanger of the interior heater. The water flow direction is the water outlet of the engine -> the inlet of the preheater water pump (the direction of the central axis of the circulating water pump) -> the outlet of the preheater water pump (the tangential direction of the circulating water pump) -> the cooling water inlet of the preheater (marked with “IN”) -> cooling water outlet of the preheater (marked with “OUT”) -> interior heater heat exchanger.


The circulating water pump should be installed at a position lower than the preheater.
Fasten the water pipe joint with the pipe clamp in the accessory bag.
Do not extend the water pump wiring harness. The distance between the water pump and the main engine is exactly specified, and the installation of the extension of the water pump wiring harness will cause the preheater to malfunction.
Pay attention to the loss of antifreeze during installation. It should be supplemented with antifreeze of the same specification after installation, and filled to the specified capacity after the engine has been cycled for a certain period of time.


Special Note
Each time the product is started, if it’s necessary to exhaust the air inside the pump, it is recommended to install the product in the following figure, which is conducive to the exhaust of the product and reduces the noise during startup; if the product does not need to be exhausted during startup, the product can be installed in any way.


Advantages of TOPSFLO car preheater water pump
1.Without starting the engine, the engine and the interior of the car can be preheated at the same time, allowing the car owner to open the door in the cold winter to enjoy the warmth like home, and solve the difficulties of defrosting the windows, shaving snow, and wiping fog.
2.The preheating is convenient and equipped with intelligent control, which can realize the advanced remote control and timing system to easily heat the car at any time, which is equivalent to having a car warmer.
3.The water cycle realizes environmental protection, efficient and quick start, and avoids the wear and tear of the engine caused by low temperature cold start. Research shows that the engine wear caused by a cold start is equivalent to the normal driving of the vehicle for 200 kilometers, and 60% of the engine wear is caused by the cold start. Installing a car engine preheater can fully protect the engine and prolong the service life of the engine by 30%.
4.The cumulative service life of TOPSFLO brushless dc circulation water pump is 5-10 times stronger than that of traditional brushed pumps. Once invested, you will benefit for a lifetime.
5.The structure is compact, easy to install and maintenance-free.


As a pump technology solution expert, TOPSFLO has been deeply involved in the micro pump industry for many years and has always strictly demanded itself with high international standards. TOPSFLO has been serving high-end automotive preheater manufacturers at home and abroad for a long time. It has rich experience in project matching and can provide professional&mature preheater water pump solutions. We look forward to working with more preheater manufacturers to jointly contribute to the innovation and development of the industry!

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