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How to Select a Right Pump for Your Commercial Water Boiler and Bubble Tea Dispensers?

In recent years, the tea beverage market is rapidly booming, with new bubble tea beverage brands such as Naixue, Sexy tea, Lucky Coffee and Kudi Coffee not only meeting diversified consumer demand, but also becoming a key growth engine in the market.
With the continuous expansion of the bubble tea beverage market, the market size of commercial water boilers and tea water dispensers has also grown steadily. Consumer demand for tea has become increasingly diversified, they not only want to meet the basic needs of drinking, but also pay more attention to the taste and quality of tea, the pursuit of different flavour of various types of tea. The emergence of commercial hot water dispensers makes it easier for consumers to obtain high-quality tea drinking, and the intelligence and multi functionality of the equipment has also become a trend for future development.


Commercial hot water dispenser pump

The main role of water pumps
The main role of a hot water pump in a commercial water boiler includes:
(1)Commercial water boilers are often required to provide hot water to multiple customers during peak hours, and the dosing action of the pumps ensures a steady flow of hot water is provided for varying demands;
(2)Pressurized water sources to ensure a steady flow of water, especially in areas of low water pressure or long distance water supplies;
(3)Used to deliver heated water to provide a fast, efficient supply of hot water, while monitoring and controlling the level in the tank to maintain sufficient water to ensure a continuous supply of hot water.

Choosing the right pump is crucial
In the manufacture of commercial water boilers, the water boiler pump is one of the key components that ensures that the boiler runs consistently and delivers stable hot water. To help you make an informed decision when choosing a water boiler pump, here are some key considerations:
1. Flow demand: In commercial water boilers, it is important to cater for hot water supply under different models and demands. Flow demand refers to the required hot water output per minute. When selecting a pump, the hot water demand in a commercial scenario needs to be analyzed in detail, including peak hours and demand for different models, to ensure that the pump selected has sufficient flow to meet the demand while avoiding excessive energy consumption.

2. High-temperature performance: Commercial water boilers can reach high temperatures, even up to 100 °C, when heating and storing hot water, so the pump selected should have excellent high-temperature resistance to prevent the pump from cavitation or failing in high-temperature environments. This involves the selection of high temperature resistant materials and the design of the electrical system to protect the internal components of the pump from high temperature damage.

3. Drinking water safety: The hot water supplied by commercial water boilers will be used for food and beverage preparation, so the pumps must be made of materials and manufactured to meet food-grade certification standards. This requires stringent quality control and material selection to ensure that the pumps do not release hazardous substances or adversely affect water quality, providing a high level of trust and reliability for users.Speed control: Commercial water boilers and tea makers need to adapt to different water needs, so it’s a good idea to choose a pump with a speed-adjustable feature to adjust the speed and temperature of the water flow according to the user’s needs.

4. Design flexibility: The size and shape of the pump should be coordinated with the design of the commercial water boiler to ensure optimal integration and space utilization. Flexible design also promotes ease of installation and maintenance.

5. Reliability: Commercial water boilers often require frequent start-ups and operation at high traffic levels. Choosing a well-designed, well-built and rigorously tested pump reduces breakdowns and maintenance requirements. A pump that is easy to maintain reduces downtime and ensures a constant supply of hot water.


Ideal for commercial water boiler pumps
Based on these points, the TOPSFLO water boiler pumps TL-B02, TL-B03 and TL-B10 series offer a wide range of choices for different models and needs in the field of commercial water boilers, demonstrating excellent technical advantages.
1. Firstly, TOPSFLO water boiler pumps offer multi-specification flow rate options to meet the demand under different tank capacities, tea bucket capacities and water head ranges, providing diverse specification options such as 6L/min, 7L/min, 9L/min, 12L/min, and so on.

2. Secondly, they have extreme high temperature resistance with high temperature wear-resistant materials and unique high temperature exhaust design, capable of stable operation at extreme temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, ensuring that commercial water boilers can supply hot water for a long time in high temperature environments.

3. In addition, TOPSFLO hot water pumps have passed FDA, NSF and other food-grade certifications as well as WRAS certifications to meet drinking water standards, providing higher credibility and user trust for commercial water boilers.

4. TOPSFLO hot water pumps support PWM or 5V speed adjustment with signal feedback to intelligently adjust the speed and volume of water flow according to user demand, providing personalized rationing while reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs. They also feature a compact design, including different height options to accommodate a variety of commercial water boiler installations and layouts, providing additional design flexibility. Most importantly, TOPSFLO pumps undergo intensive reliability testing to ensure trouble-free and stable operation during frequent start-up operations ,providing commercial water boiler manufacturers with a reliable, high-quality product.

This range of technical advantages makes TOPSFLO’s water boiler pumps the ideal choice for the commercial water boilers. By choosing TOPSFLO pumps, manufacturers of commercial water boilers and tea water dispensers are able to offer superior products that have gained a reputation for excellence in the marketplace and user feedback. By working closely with TOPSFLO to shape a bright future for the commercial water boilers, we will continue to drive technological innovation, meet customer needs, and bring more development opportunities to the industry.

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