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The Story of the Cooperation Between Topsflo and the World Dental Autoclave Brand

Started from good reputation of Topsflo
Long and stable cooperation from Topsflo’s consistent and reliable pump quality


In 2015, RE, the world’s leading company, took the initiative to find Topsflo’s pre-sales engineers.

It turned out that RE was developing an autoclave sterilizer at that time, which was designed and implemented to ensure the safety of staff, patients, instruments and the working environment. The design has taken shape and requires a high-quality dc water pump that is small in size, low in noise, and resistant to high temperatures.

At this time, Topsflo, as a R & D manufacturing enterprise of micro pumps in China, has a good reputation among overseas brand customer groups, so it has attracted customers to come to consult on their own initiative.

After a preliminary contact of the Topsflo, RE Company conducted the first water pump sample test, mainly for the performance of the pump flow, head, power, noise, temperature rise and so on. In the noise link that customers attach great importance to, TOPSFLO micro brushless DC water pump TL-B03 performs well, with noise as low as 35dB(A)/0.5M, which is 5-10dB(A) lower than ordinary water pumps in the market. The customer is very satisfied with the results of the first sample test.

Dental Autoclave Water Pump

Subsequently, the customer purchased a small batch of samples again for long-term stability testing. After a period of rigorous testing, customers reported that the performance of Topsflo TL-B03 far exceeds expectations in terms of long-term high temperature resistance, working life, and noise batch consistency.

The seemingly easy-to-pass sample test actually condenses the wisdom crystallization of the ten-year painstaking research of the Topsflo R&D team. Topsflo keeps improving the raw materials and structure, constantly overcoming technical difficulties and improving performance, so that TL-B03 satisfies customers in the test.


What has changed is the demand and standard
What remains unchanged is the beginner’s mind


The recognition of RE Company started the formal cooperation between the two parties.

During the seven years of cooperation since then, with the upgrade of autoclave products, the customer’s demand for water pumps has continued to increase, but at the same time more and more stringent requirements have been put forward. Over the years, Topsflo pumps has witnessed the growth of RE’s autoclave project and technology updates. At the same time, RE has also expressed high appreciation for the batch consistency of Topsflo pump, communication services, and delivery capabilities.

In particular, the high batch consistency of the Topsflo mini dc water pump has become a strong backing for RE’s autoclave upgrade.

The high batch consistency of products must be based on the overall strength of a company, not just a certain aspect can be achieved. The company’s hardware is in place, the raw materials are better, the precision is better, the production control ability is better, and the quality control is better… Only when every detail is ensured, the final batch consistency will be guaranteed, and the high-quality water pumps with stable quality will be provided to our customers.

We know that in this industry, it is not difficult to make a good pump, but it is not easy to ensure that the 10,000 or 100,000 pumps provided to customers are of the same high standard. Guaranteeing high-volume consistency of products is not only a manifestation of the “artisan spirit” of Topsflo as a manufacturing enterprise, but also a commitment of Topsflo to customers, and it is also the persistent pursuit of high-end quality made in China!

Since cooperating with RE company on the autoclave, Topsflo has only received one complaint: the customer reported that the label of one of the pumps was not properly affixed. Other than that, the customer is particularly satisfied with the product quality of Topsflo dc water pumps, and said that the upgraded products will still use Topsflo water pumps!

On the other hand, Topsflo’s delivery ability also makes customers invincible in the process of attacking the market!

Topsflo does not fight unprepared battles. In order to meet the growing order demand of RE Company and let customers have no worries in the process of expanding the market, Topsflo makes predictions according to customer orders and purchases preparation materials in advance, even if in the case of global shortage of electronic components, it can also ensure that the products are delivered on time and in quantity.

Time has lived up to expectations, witnessing the ingenuity and quality of Doppler. High-quality water pumps have enhanced the brand power of customers, and the brand power of customers and the increasing order volume have injected stronger market vitality into Doppler.

From the first satisfied test and seven year’s stable cooperation to the future expectation, customer satisfaction and trust is the direction of our efforts, and it is our consistent original intention!

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