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Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Pump

Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Pump

Charging pile water pump is Ultra-fast charging liquid coollingpump, can run stably under the working conditions of ambient temperature -40°C to 80°C, long life of >20,000 hours, high pressure,maintenance-free, and intelligent control function, Electric Vehicle Coolant Pump TA60 are widely used in electric vehicle, new energy vehicles , EV charger,engine cooling circulaton,electric vehicles inverter cooling system,vehicles battery cooling system,electric vehicle charging pile cooling circulaton, etc

Product Parameters:
Voltage:12V 24V
Max Flow:34L 37L/min
Max Water Head :8M
Ambient temperature:-45°C-80°C
Liquid:Pure Water, Antifreeze,Silicone Oil

EV Charging Cooling Pump, Car Water Pump

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  • Overview

    cooling-pump-for-electric-vehicle-ta60 PS

    Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Pump,Ultra-fast charging pump (EV Charger Pile Pump)TA60 is a Automotive Coolant Pump with an electronically controlled drive unit, which is a type of automotive electric water pump. It is mainly composed of pump head, pump chamber,pump body,motor, impeller and PCB unit.The product Energy-saving and efficiency, Intelligent environmental protection,Safe and reliable.can customization /PWM speed control and /FG (RPM) signal wire.

    EV liquid-cooled cables pump

    liquid-cooled supercharger cables pump TA60

    Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Pump Features:

    Resistant to extreme low temperature starting at -45°C and high temperature resistant to 100°C
    Ambient Temperature -45℃~80℃
    Intelligent control, FG signal, 6 Intelligent Protection Function
    Long working life >20,000 hours
    Low or No Maintenance,  Small size
    Good batch consistency, defect rate as low as 1/100000
    Low heat generation, fast heat dissipation, good cooling effect

    Protection functions:
    Over-Voltage Protection,Over-Current Protection,Blocked-Protection,Polarity Protection,constant power output,Dry-running Protection


    Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Pump Application:

    Electric Car Coolant Water Pump

    EV Charging Pile,E-car charging pile
    E-mobility chargers,DC Supercharger
    EV Charging Cables
    Vehicle DC Inverter Cooling
    Electric Vehicles Battery Cooling System
    Electric Vehicle charging pile cooling Circulation
    Automobile engine cooling Circulaton
    Car Engine Pre-heating
    Heating System (Car Auxiliary Heaters, Parking Heaters)
    HVAC Circulation Systerm


    Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Pump Specification:

    Automotive Coolant Pump TA60 Specification

    IP level: IP68
    Coil Insulation class: Class H
    Ambient temperature: -45°C ~70 °C (continuous ), 80°C (interupt)
    Liquid temperature: -45 °C (non-frozen)~90 °C (continuous ), 100°C (interupt)
    Do Not Run Pumps Dry.
    Pumps must be in a continuous flooded suction environment.



    Automotive Coolant Pump TA60 Performance



  • Customization

    1. /PWM speed control 2. /FG (RPM) signal wire
    Cumulatively provide customized services for 100+ well-known brands around the world
    Provide customers with professional customized solutions
    For other customization, please contact us !

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