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Working with the world’s famous kitchen and bathroom brands for nearly 10 years! TOPSFLO contributes to the high-quality development of the electric water heater industry

Since June 25, 2013, TOPSFLO has established a long-term cooperative relationship with the world-renowned kitchen and bathroom brand K company for nearly 10 years. Company K is highly satisfied with the brushless DC booster pump TL-C01 for electric water heaters provided by TOPSFLO, the strength of the TOPSFLO factory, and the technical support and supporting services of the TOPSFLO team.

[Difficulties for industry users]
Poor shower experience – low efficiency, unstable flow, loud noise
During peak electricity consumption, unstable voltage input leads to unstable water flow; someone opens the cold water faucet in other parts of the house, causing the cold water pressure in the shower to drop; changes in water flow cause the water temperature to be hot and cold……these directly affect the user’s shower experience, and it is also a headache for electric water heater manufacturers.
Electric water heater manufacturers generally use built-in water heater booster pumps to solve this problem. Most of them use AC water pump, but it generally has problems such as low efficiency, high noise, large size, and unsafe high voltage. Compared with AC pumps, water heater DC pumps have the advantages of higher safety, longer life, lower noise, and higher efficiency. Therefore, for electric water heater manufacturers to more accurately solve the industry’s difficulties and truly lead the industry, the key is to choose a high-quality brushless DC booster pump.

[Customer Background]
Global kitchen and bathroom fashion vane – high quality, high standard
As a world-renowned kitchen and bathroom brand, K Company has 50 factories and more than 20,000 employees worldwide. It has always adhered to the concept of “elegant life”, and has become a global kitchen and bathroom fashion vane in its century-old heritage, pursuit of letting consumers feel five-star hotel style high-quality life enjoyment.
To ensure high quality, there will naturally be high requirements. When choosing a water pump, Company K has extremely strict requirements and audit standards for suppliers’ factory strength, research and development capabilities, quality and batch consistency, in addition to requiring the water pump products to overcome industry problems such as performance, flow stability, and noise.

[TOPSFLO Solutions]
Customized water pump – energy saving and high efficiency, stable flow, low noise
After learning about the water heater booster pump needs of Company K, TOPSFLO invited their team to the factory for on-site inspection and audit, and the technical teams of both parties held several online and offline meetings and communication to better meet their needs for the factory and products. After fully understanding the needs, TOPSFLO specially customized the high-efficiency, low-noise brushless DC water heater pump TL-C01 for them.

Electric Water Heater Pump TL-C01 has the following features:
1. Adopts high-efficiency motor and rotor design, compared with the traditional AC motor, the efficiency is increased by 30%, achieving energy saving and high efficiency for the customer’s electric water heater;
2. Built-in smart chip, which can adjust flow and signal feedback, and intelligent adjust according to the needs of shower water flow and water temperature;
3. The DC voltage matches the built-in power supply of the water heater, which can realize voltage regulation and steady flow, and is not affected by the peak period of electricity consumption;
4. Under the same parameters, compared with AC water pump, the noise is as low as 40dB, so that the users have a better shower experience;
5. Smaller size, 25,000 hours long life, improve water heater design space and quality reliability.

[Reasons for choosing TOPSFLO]
In the end, K Company decided to choose TOPSFLO as the long-term supplier of the shower water pump. So, how did TOPSFLO pass the strict audit of K Company and gain its favor?
1.TOPSFLO factory strength can well meet the needs of large-scale supply, strict process control in accordance with PPAP Level 3, and low-carbon environmental protection.
2.TOPSFLO’s professional team of structural, motor and electronic engineers, provides customers with customized water pumps according to the needs of customers’ electric water heater structure, space and performance, optimizes the internal pipeline structure of electric water heaters, saves costs, and achieves maximize space utilization; provides customers with professional DC switching power supply and intelligent speed regulation customized solutions, solve the conversion of traditional AC to DC, and make breakthroughs in intelligent control.
3.TOPSFLO micro electric water heater pumps use patented silent rotors, international well-known brand raw materials and advanced imported production & testing equipment, and 100% performance is strictly tested to ensure the consistency and stability of mass production performance.
4.TOPSFLO complies with the national laboratory of CNAS, and actually assembles the customer’s electric water heater and water pump for testing, controls the best performance point of the actual use of the water pump, reduces the noise and resonance of the installed machine, and truly provides the customer with the most optimized and most suitable showe water pump. .

“Let every pump of TOPSFLO be used with absolute confidence” , after nearly10 years of actual use and verification, the ultra-high quality standards and considerate one-stop service have won the high recognition of K Company and a good reputation in the market. Based on the trust in the TOPSFLO team and quality, the two parties have successfully cooperated on many other projects. In the future, TOPSFLO will, as always, stick to quality, strive to provide high-quality brushless DC pump products and more reliable solutions, and serve more professional customers around the world with high-end quality.

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