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Circulation and replenishment Functions of Liquid Cooling Pumps in C&I Energy Storage Systems

In recent years, commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage is growing at a high speed, while at the same time, electrochemical energy storage accidents occur frequently.
In April, the United States first released its energy storage system solutions and a number of new liquid-cooled energy storage thermal management products, formally entering the thermal management of energy storage this niche track; Huadian Group launched a new round of lithium iron phosphate energy storage system procurement, the purchase of air-cooled energy storage system 2GWh, liquid-cooled energy storage system 3GWh.
In liquid-cooled C&I energy storage systems, water pumps play an indispensable role as one of the key components. This paper will discuss the role of water pump in liquid-cooled energy storage systems.


01 What is liquid-cooled commercial and industrial energy storage

While traditional energy storage systems often suffer from energy loss and heat dissipation, the core of liquid-cooled commercial and industrial energy storage is the coolant circulation system, which keeps the temperature of the equipment within a controlled range by circulating coolant through the energy storage equipment, absorbing heat and carrying it away. This cooling technology can significantly improve the efficiency of energy storage systems, reduce energy losses, and increase system reliability and lifetime.
Liquid-cooled energy storage is in a rapid development stage, the technology continues to mature and improve, and is widely used in a number of applications, and can be used in energy storage power plants, grid peaking and leveling, backup power and other scenarios. Broad market prospects. With the rapid growth of renewable energy and the change of power system, liquid-cooled commercial and industrial energy storage is expected to become one of the important means to achieve clean energy transition and improve the flexibility of power system.


02 The role of water pump in liquid cooling system

Water pump is an important component in liquid-cooled commercial and industrial energy storage systems, undertaking two key functions: circulation and liquid replenishment.
In the circulation function, the water pump directs coolant from the energy storage unit to the cooling equipment through high efficiency, adjustable flow and pressure output to reduce the system temperature and maintain the normal operating temperature of the energy storage unit. The high efficiency and adjustability of the water pump enable it to adapt to different load requirements and improve the efficiency of energy utilization.
As for the liquid replenishment function, the water pump plays a key role of automatic liquid replenishment. During the operation of the system, the coolant may decrease due to evaporation or leakage, when the water pump will automatically start according to the change of system pressure monitored by the system and replenish the right amount of coolant to maintain the cooling effect and safety of the system.


03 Specific requirements for different functional water pumps

The design and selection of pumps for liquid-cooled C&I energy storage systems requires consideration of the system’s flow requirements, pressure requirements and piping resistance. Depending on the specific liquid-cooled system design and requirements, the type, power and operating mode of the pump may vary.

–A. Circulation function water pump:
Flow rate and pressure: The pump needs to provide sufficient flow rate and pressure to meet the circulating demand in the liquid cooling system. The specific flow and pressure requirements depend on the size of the system, the design parameters and the heat load of the liquid cooling equipment. Typically, larger liquid cooling systems may require higher flow rates and pressures.
High performance: The pump should have high performance characteristics to ensure that it provides the required flow and pressure while minimizing energy consumption. High performance pumps help improve the energy efficiency performance of liquid cooling systems, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
Corrosion resistance: Considering the corrosive liquids or chemicals that may be present in the liquid cooling system, the circulating water pump needs to have a certain level of corrosion resistance to prevent corrosion, liquid leakage and equipment damage.

–B. Liquid replenishment function water pump:
Liquid replenishment capability: The liquid replenishment pump needs to have sufficient liquid replenishment capability to maintain the required coolant level in the liquid cooling system. It should be able to inject the right amount of coolant automatically or manually when needed to replenish the coolant lost due to evaporation, leakage or other reasons.
Precise control: The charge pump should have precise control to ensure that the charge level meets system requirements and to avoid over- or under-filling. Accurate charge control helps maintain system stability and cooling effectiveness.
Automation integration: The charge pump usually needs to be integrated with the control system of the liquid cooling system. It should have the ability to communicate with the control system, be able to automatically perform the replenishment operation according to the system requirements, and automate the system operation.

These requirements are based on general liquid-cooled commercial and industrial energy storage systems and may vary depending on the specific application and design. Therefore, ensuring the selection of the right type, size and performance of pump for a practical application usually requires consideration of the specific requirements, technical parameters and performance specifications of the system, and may require further discussion and consultation with a professional engineer in the relevant field.


04 Professional liquid-cooled energy storage pumps recommended

For 18 years, Topsflo Pumps has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of miniature pumps, and the pumps produced by Topsflo are the first to meet the high demand of energy storage industry.
Based on the needs of liquid-cooled commercial and industrial energy storage cycle, Topsflo innovatively launched the liquid-cooled energy storage pumps TA80, with a flow rate of 50L/min and a head of up to 20m. TA80 is driven by brushless DC motor and selected corrosion-resistant raw materials, which significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption compared with traditional brush DC water pumps, bringing excellent performance to liquid-cooled systems.

The liquid-cooled storage and replenishment can choose Topsflo TL-C01 liquid cooling pump. TL-C01 has the flexibility of adjustable flow and pressure, which can intelligently adapt to the needs of various liquid-cooled systems and adjust the output according to the actual situation to meet the requirements of system circulation, replenishment and low-temperature environment. At the same time, TL-C01 also has intelligent control functions, supporting 5V/PWM speed regulation, FG speed signal feedback, remote monitoring, automatic control and fault diagnosis, which improves the automation level and operation efficiency of the system.
Topsflo Pumps has strong R&D capability of brushless DC pumps and can customize pump solutions according to your special needs, please contact Topsflo pre-sales engineers for details!

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