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Topsflo, the Pioneer of Ultra-fast Charging Era, Redefines Liquid-cooled Water Pump for Charging Piles

With the rapid development of new energy electric vehicles, the demand for capacity of power battery is increasing, and the requirements for charging time is also getting shorter and shorter. DC high-power charging has become an inevitable trend in the future development of the new energy vehicle industry.

On August 30, Sinopec’s first community super charging station in the country was completed and put into use. It can charge 24 vehicles at the same time, and can charge an ordinary family car with an endurance of about 400 kilometers in 25 minutes as fastest. Meanwhile, traditional energy companies such as BP and Shell, as well as car companies such as Li Auto Inc. And XPeng Motors, are also accelerating the deployment of super fast charging.

The slogan of “5 minutes of charging continued calling 2 hours”used to be catchy, but now the slogan of “5 minutes of charging continued driving mileage 200km”has almost become a standard of every 800V new energy vehicle, which proving that the era of ultra-fast charging has arrived.

Topsflo, the Pioneer of Liquid Cooling Mature Solutions for Super Charging Piles
In order to adapt to the ultra-fast charging era and the development of electric vehicle technology, charging pile equipment is changing with each passing day, and its technological innovation and iteration speed are even at the forefront of the development of electric vehicle technology. Among them, liquid-cooled supercharging technology is even more optimistic in the industry, and has become the development trend of a new generation of DC fast charging equipment.

At the beginning of September, thousands of liquid cooling water pumps supplied by Topsflo to American T companies were shipped out as usual. According to the representative of Topsflo, T company is a world-renowned manufacturer of DC fast charging piles for electric vehicles, and Topsflo provides liquid-cooled circulating water pumps for their 350KW super charging piles, mass production starting from February 2021. At present, the 350KW super charging piles from T company have been sold to 41 countries, and tens of thousands of super charging piles using Topsflo pumps are standing all over the world.

In fact, the founder of Topsflo, Richard Wang, has awared of the huge potential of the new energy vehicle charging pile market many years ago. Mr. Wang entered the micro pump industry since 2005, and he is one of the experts who engaged in the research and development of brushless DC pumps in China at the earliest time. Mr. Wang is also a researcher who is fully proficient in micro pumps in Europe, America and Japan. Perennial attention to the European and American markets made him aware the situation early: The US electric vehicle charging pile market, which started at the end of the 20th century, has developed steadily and received strong support from all aspects of the government. In China, although the electric vehicle industry started late, development is inevitable. Seizing the opportunity is the way to develop. Therefore, Topsflo is the first to enter the market, and it has laid out the charging pile cooling application field with an advanced vision.

In 2015, Topsflo became the pump supplier of TESLA, and has provided 250,000 liquid-cooled circulating pumps for them. On the busy streets of Wall Street, Topsflo pumps are behind the rows of charging piles. Up to now, Topsflo has successfully provided high-efficiency liquid cooling solutions for more than 20 well-known enterprises in the charging pile industry.

Topsflo Redefines Liquid Cooled Charging Pile Water Pump
As the power source of the supercharged pile cooling module, the liquid cooling water pump plays a very important role in the safety and reliability of the supercharged pile. As the pioneer of the mature solution provider for supercharged liquid cooling system, Topsflo liquid-cooled circulating water pumps are suitable for different cooling applications such as supercharged liquid-cooled cooling modules, cable liquid cooling system, etc. The high quality presented is favored by customers in the charging pile industry.

First, 100KW-600KW are applicable, which truly empowers “cool and fast” charging piles. Topsflo adopts electronic components from internationally renowned brand, with uniquely designed PCB board, sufficient margin design for electronic solutions, low temperature rise, fast heat dissipation, and remarkable cooling effect. At present, the maximum output power of supercharged piles on the market is 600KW. Over the years, Topsflo has been continuously researching and making breakthroughs to fully meet the liquid cooling needs of all supercharged piles in the market.

Second, it can meet the needs of different working conditions of super charging piles, no matter it’s freezing or high temperature. Charging piles are generally installed outdoors, thus they must be able to withstand a variety of extreme weather. Each Topsflo water pump has undergone strict high and low temperature fast switching tests of the whole machine, and has a wide temperature resistance range, which can easily meet the ambient temperature requirements of -30°C to 70°C for supercharged piles on the market.

Third, intelligent control can be realized. Intelligent interaction is one of the key selling points of super charging piles. Topsflo is committed to providing customers with liquid-cooled water pumps with strong competitiveness, supporting 5V/PWM speed regulation, FG speed signal feedback, matching with different power charging piles, realizing automatic intelligent detection function, supporting failure alarm, real-time data feedback etc.。

Fourth, the life span exceeds 30,000 hours and is maintenance-free. Charging piles arranged along expressways, highways and in remote areas require long-distance maintenance, and it is difficult for personnel to be in place in time. Therefore, the advantages of Topsflo liquid-cooled water pump, which is maintenance-free and has a lifespan much longer than that of ordinary water pumps on the market, can be fully utilized.

Fifth, multiple protections make charging more stable. TA60 has six safety protection functions, such as dry-running protection, blocked protection, overcurrent protection, polarity protection, overvoltage protection, and constant power output, escorting high-efficiency liquid-cooled super charging piles.

Everything is ready, and the first year of ultra-fast charging is finally here. Focusing on the field of micro-pumps for seventeen years, Topsflo insists on independent research and development and technological innovation, based on long-term development, and constantly develops new application fields. The era of ultra-fast charging is both an opportunity and a challenge. Topsflo will continue to improve, keep up with the times and the pace of industry development, and provide customers in the charging pile industry with higher-quality micro-pump products and efficient solutions.

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