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In the field of liquid cooling of charging pile cables for many years, TOPSFLO pump industry calmly copes with the era of ultra-fast charging

Many people have to consider the issue of charging when buying new energy vehicles. Compared with the slow charging of “small water and long flow”, convenient and efficient super charging piles are more in line with the needs of car owners, which has also become the focus of competition between car companies and charging pile companies. Electric vehicles are moving towards the era of super fast charging, which has also driven the use of liquid-cooled charging cables.

The layout of ultra-fast charging is the general trend
Once, OPPO’s slogan “charge for 5 minutes, talk for two hours” opened up the era of super fast charging of mobile phones. Now, this phrase is used in the field of new energy vehicles.
On August 15, Xiaopeng Motors released the S4 ultra-fast charging technology, which can charge for 5 minutes and have a range of 200 kilometers. At the same time, it was announced that 1,000 self-operated charging stations will be launched, which is also the first station in the country equipped with the latest generation of ultra-fast charging pile S4. Xiaopeng plans to build another 2,000 ultra-fast charging stations by 2025.
On August 30, Sinopec’s first community super charging station in China, Lotus Super Charging Station, was completed and put into use in Longyan City, Fujian Province. It can charge 24 vehicles, integrating refueling, charging, photovoltaics, and rest. An ordinary family car with a range of about 400 kilometers can be filled in minutes.
As the market’s requirements for the charging capacity of electric vehicles continue to increase, high-power fast charging and super fast charging have become an inevitable option for car companies to improve their advantages, which also means that the utilization rate of liquid-cooled charging cables will be greatly improved.

Liquid-cooled cables solve the problem of charging thermal damage
For ordinary car charging cables, the increase of charging current and voltage is bound to increase the wire diameter and insulation thickness of the cable to ensure the smooth transmission of high-power current, but this also makes the cable thick and hard, and the charging gun is cumbersome and difficult. In addition, the high-power current transmission will inevitably dissipate more heat. During the charging period, the charging gun contacts the car at a high temperature, which will easily increase the risk of spontaneous combustion of the car.
The use of liquid-cooled high-power charging cables can alleviate the above problems. The liquid cooling cable is a special cable used for high-current heating equipment. A special circulation channel is set between the cable and the charging gun. The heat dissipation effect is more suitable for high-power charging of electric vehicles, which can reduce the thermal damage caused by high-power charging to the charging gun, charging cable, and charging pile.
As the first car company in the world to adopt liquid-cooled charging, Tesla has been developing a charging station with a new liquid-cooling system in 2015. In March 2019, Tesla V3 supercharger appeared in the world, using a liquid-cooled charging cable. The diameter of the charging cable is about 44% smaller than that of the V2 supercharger, which is only 23.87mm. The maximum peak power of the supercharger can reach 250kW.
With the continuous adjustment and upgrading of the electric vehicle industry, the hardware requirements of high-power charging and fast charging will continue to drive the electric vehicle charging connection device. Products must master cooling technology, and liquid-cooled circulating water pumps have also become the focus of liquid-cooled charging cables and even charging pile manufacturers. one of the focal points.

TOPSFLO provides mature solutions for liquid cooling of supercharged pile cables
As an enterprise with nearly 20 years of experience in R&D and production of micro-pumps, TOPSFLO pump industry is far-sighted and has carried out in-depth research on charging pile cooling applications many years ago. Since 2015, it has successfully provided 300,000 liquid cooling cycles for Terras water pump. TOPSFLO charging pile liquid-cooled circulating water pump has the advantages of small size, good cooling effect, high and low temperature resistance, long life, maintenance-free, intelligent control and many other incomparable advantages of ordinary water pumps in the market, and can provide professional customization according to customer needs, including EMC electromagnetic Compatible programs, etc.
“Let every pump of TOPSFLO be used with absolute confidence”, TOPSFLO has practiced this quality concept for many years, and strictly controls the quality according to the TÜV Rheinland IATF 16949 quality management standard. More than 90% of TOPSFLO pump parts and electronic components are from world-renowned brands, and do not use mixed materials and any recycled materials; equipped with a series of advanced production equipment imported from the United States, France, Japan and other countries that are in line with international standards, high-precision and High-efficiency production; 38 all-round performance in-depth inspections that are stricter than industry standards, each pump must undergo a comprehensive performance inspection before leaving the factory to ensure product reliability. As a global high-quality supplier of miniature brushless DC pumps, TOPSFLO will continue to provide excellent products and services to customers around the world.


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