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How to Choose a High-quality Miniature Brushless DC Water Pump Supplier?

Miniature brushless DC pumps are widely used as fluid conveying functional components in various equipment due to their advantages of small size, high efficiency, long life, safety, and quietness. The water pump is to the machine application equipment, just like the heart is to the human body, the performance of the water pump directly affects the normal operation of the whole machine application equipment. So, how to choose a high-quality miniature brushless DC water pump supplier? Here would like to share with you some useful tips, mainly from three aspects: electronic components, rotors and batch consistency, for your reference.


Electronic Components  

Presumably many purchasers of water pumps have been troubled by electronic failures and burn-in. The reason is often that there are problems with electronic components. The components of the water pump are the core part of the water pump, and high-quality water pump suppliers must use high-quality electronic components. So how to evaluate the pros and cons of suppliers’ electronic components?


        1.Choose a well-known brand. The electronic components from big manufacturers and famous brands usually are implemented with higher standards, have stronger stability for long time running, and with higher efficiency, thus can avoid potential failures to a large extent, and the quality of the water pump will be significantly better than others.  


       2. Evaluate parameter sufficiency margin. In the stage of designing electronic solutions, engineers will calculate the corresponding parameters for different applications and leave sufficient margins, which makes the parameters more stable and the performance of components more reliable.


        3.Professional analysis methods for evaluating key temperature rise indicators. The temperature rise of electronic components has a great impact on the lifetime of the pump, especially when the pump is working at high temperature. Professional water pump manufacturers have specialized analysis instruments and equipment for temperature rise analysis, thus the electronic solution design is more reliable.


TOPSFLO Solutions

More than 90% of the electronic components of  TOPSFLO micro pumps are from international first-line brands, and 100% of the original imported materials can be traced. All components must pass six 100% full inspection processes to ensure their reliability and effectively prevent electronic failures. At the same time, the electronic solutions designed by professional electronic engineers with rich design experience in the automotive industry have sufficient margins, better heat dissipation, lower temperature rise, and higher reliability.



After the pump has been used for a period of time, the pump chamber cracks and leaks. Why this happens? Maybe there is a problem with the rotor. When choosing a pump supplier, the quality of the rotor is usually judged by the following three points:

brushless dc pump rotor topsflo

     1.Rotor balance. The unbalanced rotor is one of the main reasons for the high noise of the pump, which directly affects the working performance and lifetime of the pump. The high-quality pump supplier uses the one-piece injection-molded magnetic silent rotor, which is molded at one time, with low rotor unbalance, high precision, no yaw, and no pump wear.


     2.Processing Equipment. To produce high-precision rotors, the water pump supplier should be equipped with a series of advanced processing equipment, such as ultrasonic welding machines, which can ensure the seamless and super-strong combination of the impeller and the rotor; the roundness meter and the roughness meter to ensure the high precision of each rotor , to ensure low noise and high batch consistency, etc.


     3.Experimental development equipment. High-quality pump suppliers should also have independent research and development capabilities, professional laboratories, and test conditions that are higher than industry standards, so that products can have more stable and reliable laboratory simulation analysis and testing from the research and development stage. The development failure caused by the inability of professional means to conduct professional analysis can be avoided.


TOPSFLO Solutions

TOPSFLO miniature brushless DC water pump uses an injection-molded magnetic rotor imported from Japan, which is molded at one time and has a low rotor unbalance. At the same time, the injection mold designed and manufactured by a Japanese-owned company has a precision three times higher than that of its counterparts, and with stable precision control for long-term production. On the other hand, TOPSFLO has four laboratories that meet the standards of CNAS national laboratory accreditation, equipped with international advanced testing equipment, and conducts product testing, verification, simulation analysis etc. that are stricter than the industry standards, which truly guarantees the success and reliability of the official development of the pump.


Batch consistency

The headache of many pump buyers now is that they may buy some samples in good condition, but when purchasing in bulk, there is always the problem of unstable performance, especially the noise of some pumps is higher and others are lower. And sometimes pump buyers will face with different failures, these all bring a lot of trouble to the later stage. So, what kind of pump supplier can achieve good batch consistency? The following 4 points are very important:  


       1.Production equipment: try to choose a pump supplier that has a complete production process, advanced intelligent production lines, and implements refined, visual and intelligent management and control of the entire manufacturing process. Advanced production equipment such as: automatic winding machine, automatic screw machine, imported servo press, ultrasonic welding machine, etc.  


      2.Noise laboratory: high noise and noise consistency are the big problems faced by many pump buyers when purchasing pumps. When examining the pump supplier, try to choose a supplier with a noise laboratory, which can eliminate the interference caused by external noise, ensure that the experimental results are objective and correct, and ensure the batch consistency of noise.     


      3. CPK process capability index: CPK is the ability of the process to ensure quality, which can directly reflect the level of batch pass rate. The larger the CPK value, the more sufficient the ability of the production process to maintain stability. When choosing a pump supplier, you should try to choose the one with the largest CPK value to ensure that each process is 100% tested, such as air tightness test, rotor test, water test and so on.


      4.Noise realization means and evaluation ability: The level of noise is an important factor to measure the quality of a pump. To achieve low noise, the water pump should use a one-piece injection-molded magnetic silent rotor, which is molded at one time. At the same time, a good pump supplier should have excellent noise evaluation ability, and can conduct reliable and effective evaluations from the aspects of mold accuracy, whether the noise level is stable during long-term testing, and the noise consistency of products in the same batch.


TOPSFLO Solutions

In order to ensure the batch consistency of products, TOPSFLO only selects well-known suppliers for key raw materials of water pumps to ensure the batch consistency of different batches of materials; secondly, automation equipment is introduced from Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries to build intelligent production lines and processes batch consistency is highly efficient and guaranteed; thirdly, TOPSFLO adopts 6 full testing processes that are stricter than national standards, and is strictly controlled in accordance with the TÜV Rheinland IATF 16949 quality system standard to pursue “zero defect” quality.


Here above are the tips about the selection of water pump suppliers for your reference, hope they will be helpful to you. For more knowledge about the selection skills of miniature brushless DC water pump suppliers, please feel free to contact us.

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