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Application of micro diaphragm pump in inkjet printing industry

Background Introduction
Inkjet printers, which are used to spray ink droplets onto a printing medium to form words or images.
There are two main types of inkjet printing technology: continuous inkjet (CIJ) and on-demand inkjet. Continuous inkjet technology is mainly used in industrial and professional printing systems. On-demand inkjet is a random inkjet system in which ink is sprayed only when printing is needed, which has a relatively wider application range.
Regardless of the type of inkjet printer, professional inkjet technology requires the perfect combination of all technical components to achieve the perfect printing effect.In order to achieve this goal, the micro diaphragm pumps plays a vital role.

The roles of diaphragm pumps in inkjet printing equipment
– To vacuum and pressurize the feeding system;
– Conveying water and solvent-based inks;
– Refill ink container;
– Remove excess ink from the print head and remove ink-breaking material for the storage tank;
– Clean the print head and ink drain system.

Inkjet Printer Diaphragm Pump -1

The application difficulty of diaphragm pump in inkjet printer
1. Continuous inkjet (CIJ) process uses a pressure pump to pump the ink jet into the nozzle. If it is continuous inkjet printing, the operation time is longer, the air pump needs to be in the working state for a long time, and the pump life requirements are higher.
2. Inkjet needs stable pressure, which requires the pressure system to maintain stable pressure when working for a long time. It has high requirements on pump durability, stability and reliability.
3. Different ink components may contain additives that will decompose diaphragms, connectors or pipes and other parts of the pump, which puts a high requirement on the chemical resistance of the pump’s materials.
4. Because the ink solvent is volatile and flammable, there are safety risks, and the pump is required to run without sparks and static electricity.

TOPSFLO micro diaphragm pump series solutions
TOPSFLO TM30, TM40, TF30 series diaphragm ink pumps are durable and reliable, can ensure maintenance-free continuous operation in arduous inkjet printers:
1. Lifetime up to 15,000 hours: independent design using high-performance coreless brushless motor, high quality rubber material of high purity and good wear resistance, long service life and maintenance free.
2. TOPSFLO diaphragm pump adopts precise configuration of pump head, diaphragm, valve, and the best matching design of each component, pump output flow is stable, pulsation is small and adjustable, output pressure is stable; The air pump can be pressurized stably and continuously. The positive pressure range is 10kpa to 280kpa, the negative pressure range is -10kpa to -95kpa, and the flow range is 2-17L/min.Parameters can be customized, and can be customized 5V/PWM frequency speed regulation.
3. According to the type of liquid, TOPSFLO provides different inkjet printer pump material configuration schemes:
— Pump head material: PA/PC/PP, etc.
— Diaphragm material: EPDM/PTFE, etc.;
— Valve disc material: EPDM/FKM/FFKM, etc.
4. TOPSFLO diaphragm ink printer pump brushless motor series has the characteristics of safety, energy saving, high efficiency and durability, the pump will not produce sparks, static electricity or electromagnetic interference in the process of work, no safety risks.

TOPSFLO has been deeply engaged in the field of micro pump for over 17 years, providing stable and reliable fluid transmission and control solutions. Micro diaphragm air pump and liquid pump have been widely used in leading printing enterprises in the United States, Italy, Japan, Britain, Australia, India and other countries. We will continue to break through and strive to provide more industries with high-quality products and solutions!

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