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Application of food grade water pump in intelligent water dispenser

Water as one of the three main elements of human survival, no one can leave it. 50% ~ 60% of the body weight is composed of water, the water in the children body is even higher than 80%. It can be said that there is no life without water. With the improvement of people’s living standard, consumers have higher requirements for drinking water. Intelligent water dispenser also gradually enters people’s vision. So do you know how the smart water dispenser discharge water quickly? Next, the editor will explain the application of food grade water pumps in intelligent water dispenser.

What is an intelligent water dispenser ?

Intelligent water dispenser, as the name implies, is intelligent control of the water dispenser, also known as intelligent drinking table, intelligent boiling water system, intelligent water boiler and so on. This is different than ordinary bottled water products. It filters impurities in tap water through a filter, and then heats it to meet drinking standards. This smart application saves time and electricity, and deeply loved by people.

Function of Water Pump in Intelligent Drinking Water Dispenser
The water inlet of the intelligent water dispenser is connected with a water pipe, which finally reaches the standard of human drinking water through layer filtering, heating or cooling. After so many filtration and dilution, the pressure in tap water has already been reduced. When the drinking water reaches the water outlet, the pressure is already very weak, which directly affects the volume and speed of the water. Therefore, it is necessary to install a food grade water pump to pressurize the water to make drinking easier and more intelligent. This is the principle and effect of pressurization of food grade water pumps.

Features of  food grade water pump:

1. Food grade approved. All food water pumps have passed WRAS and FDA food certification, FDA is recognized as one of the largest food and drug regulatory agencies in the world with strict requirements; WRAS is a UK certification for drinking water safety.

2.Long term high temperature resistance. food grade water pump adopts international famous brand electronic components, which can ensure the stability and reliability of long-term high-temperature use. It also conducts targeted simulation and extreme high temperature continuous and intermittent tests to verify that it is fully reliable and suitable for the required range of liquid temperature of all intelligent drinking machine.

3.Small volume. The special high-performance structure design is adopted, with low power consumption, small size and easy installation, saving a lot of space for the water dispenser equipment.

4.Long life. The pump has a built-in frequency conversion brushless DC motor, which has no carbon brush wear problem, low power, small temperature rise, and a service life up to 30000 hours, reducing the worries of intelligent water dispenser manufacturers.

5.Low noise. Imported high-precision injection molded magnetic quiet rotor adopted, good noise batch consistency and stable accuracy controlling of long-term production. The maximum noise is ≤ 35dB (A), which is equivalent to the volume of whispering between you and others.

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