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Liquid-cooled supercharging technology attracts attention | TOPSFLO cooling water pump enables “cold and fast” charging piles

With the development of new energy vehicle battery technology, battery life has been significantly improved, but the problem of slow charging still plagues the entire industry and has become an important factor hindering the rapid increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles. More efficient and safer liquid-cooled supercharging technology, as a new trend in the industry’s technological evolution, has become the focus of the industry’s efforts. TOPSFLO pump industry has been supplying liquid-cooled cooling water pumps to Terras since 2015, which really helps super charging piles to achieve “cold and fast”.

Liquid Cooling Supercharging Pump

The principle of liquid cooling technology is not complicated. To put it simply, a special circulation channel is set between the cable and the charging gun. The cooling liquid for heat dissipation is added to the channel, and the liquid is circulated through the power pump to take out the heat. Compared with the traditional air-cooled charging pile, the liquid-cooled charging pile not only has a super fast charging speed, but also has the advantages of low noise and no disturbance to the public.

But on the other hand, the technical difficulty of liquid cooling is still relatively high. When the current and voltage are very large, the system is very easy to heat up, and the electrical loss will be relatively high. The problem of heat dissipation of charging equipment directly determines the service life and stability of the equipment. Therefore, it is also extremely important to choose a high-quality water pump supplier.
As a super-filled pile manufacturer, how to choose a high-quality liquid-cooled circulating pump supplier? The TOPSFLO pump engineer who has been deeply involved in the industry for more than ten years will take you to understand the following points:
First of all, choosing a charging pile liquid-cooled Supercharging pump supplier with independent research and development and its own factory is more guaranteed in terms of product quality, delivery time, and customized development.

Secondly, choose suppliers who have stable cooperative relations with world-renowned car companies/core OEMs. Well-known enterprises have strict and perfect audit systems, and can pass their layers of screening and achieve long-term stable cooperative relations with them. The charging pile liquid-cooled circulating pump Suppliers, whose comprehensive strength and product quality must be stable and guaranteed.
Finally, choose a supplier who can provide custom pumping services. Different application environments have different material, parameters and process requirements for the water pump. You must choose a water pump that is suitable for your own products.
TOPSFLO Pump Industry has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of miniature water pumps for 17 years, and has long-term and stable cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign automobile and charging pile manufacturers. It is also one of the few companies in the domestic miniature brushless DC pump industry that has obtained the dual system certification of Tüv IATF 16949 & ISO 9001 in Germany. For a long time, with high-quality products and high-quality services, it has provided excellent products and circulation to high-standard customers around the world. The pump solution is a high-quality choice for dc charging pile manufacturers when selecting liquid-cooled EV charging pump suppliers.

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