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TOPSFLO pumpes match the high demand for cleanliness of IVD field

Since 2017, the IVD field has ranked first in sales in the segmented field of the entire medical device industry. Epidemic detection and early cancer screening have become a new track for traditional IVD companies to break the game.
IVD (In Vitro Diagnosis) refers to products that obtain clinical diagnostic information by testing human samples (blood, body fluids, tissues, etc.) outside the human body. The IVD sub-industry is divided into: immunodiagnosis, biochemical diagnosis, molecular diagnosis, microbial diagnosis, blood diagnosis, POCT (immediate diagnosis diagnosis), etc. The difference lies in the test items and the response indicators.

Fully automated biochemical analyzer
Biochemical diagnosis is the earliest automated detection method, and it is also one of the most commonly used in vitro diagnostic methods. The main application areas are blood routine, urine routine, liver and kidney function, glucose metabolism, inflammation, pancreas, tumor screening, coagulation, etc.

Fully automatic biochemical analyzer is to automatically run all or part of the steps instead of original manual operation process, such as sampling, mixing, thermostatic waterbath detection, result calculation, judgment, display and printing results and the final machine cleaning steps.

Fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer
Fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer is a medical testing instrument that performs immunoassay on human body by detecting serum of patients. It is mainly composed of a reagent area, a sample  area, a reaction test tube sample addition area, and a reaction waste liquid area.

Chemiluminescence technology has become a mainstream diagnostic method so far, and its market share has increased significantly year by year. Compared with biochemical diagnosis, chemiluminescence is a broader market. Chemiluminescence has not only become a routine diagnostic technology, but also solves problems that cannot be solved by other immunological methodologies at the technical level.

Automatic tripartite group blood cell analyser
Blood cell analysis is the analysis of the visible cellular components of human blood – red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and their derived components. The basic working principle of the tripartite group blood cell analyser is the electrical impedance method, also known as Coulter’s principle. Because blood cells are not conductive, blood cells are counted and volume measured by the resistance change caused by the suspension of blood cells ,as they pass through the counting aperture after they are placed in an energized electrolyte solution.

What can TOPSFLO pumps offer?
In the long-term cooperation with customers, TOPSFLO high-end medical pump industry has cooperated with well-known domestic and foreign customers to research the most suitable pumps for the medical industry, and has grown rapidly in the fields of temperature control systems, cooling systems, liquid sample transmission and equipment cleaning systems.

IVD analysis instruments have high requirements on the cleanliness of equipment pipelines, and even require no impurities to be precipitated under a 200-fold microscope to avoid any bacteria. Food-grade raw materials, precision manufacturing, stable operation, long-term use and maintenance-free, TOPSFLO brushless centrifugal pumps perfectly match the needs of high-end medical equipment. Truly achieve 0 impurities and 0 cross-contamination, and help medical equipment to feed back the most authentic and reliable test data.

TOPSFLO micro pump has many years of industry experience in medical equipment, beauty equipment and other fields, providing accurate and efficient micro-pump solutions for customers, and providing competitive high-quality products for sub-sectors. Intended customers are welcome to come to negotiate, and TOPSFLO engineers will provide you with the most reliable solutions!

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