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TOPSFLO dc water cooling pump successfully helped China fight against the epidemic

Recently, Molly, the sales engineer of TOPSFLO received feedback from H company in the medical industry. The customer expressed high satisfaction with the brushless DC medical Cooling pump provided by TOPSFLO and the active cooperation and meticulous service of the team.
Enterprise H focuses on the fields of life science and biotechnology, providing real-time, panoramic, and full-life-cycle life digital equipment and systems for industries such as precision medicine, precision agriculture, and precision health. At present, it has more than 1,700 employees, and its business layout covers more than 70 countries and regions on six continents. It has established scientific research, production bases, training and after-sales service centers in many countries and regions around the world. It is one of the global enterprises with independent research and development and mass production capacity of clinical high throughput gene sequencer

Customer demand–
A water cooling pump for medical equipment that can replace current Japanese brand

In late 2021, TOPSFLO received a call from the customer for the first time and needed a water cooling pump used on a gene sequencer for gene and virus screening in major hospitals, laboratories and scientific research institutions. The customer used a Japanese water pump before, however the technical service was not in place, and the lead time was very long so that the project progressed very slowly because of the pump supply problem.
The customer said that the gene sequencer is a high-tech product, and not many really have R&D strength. In the early years, the genetic testing market was basically monopolized by foreign countries. H company invested more than 700 R&D people committed to make high-end products belonging to China. Since the gene sequencer needs to rely on the DC water pump to cool the chip platform, it is very important to ensure the stability of the water pump as the core component of the application.
Although customers known that Topsflo has always been strict with itself in accordance with international standards and has cooperated with many famous customers in the medical industry, and its products can well meet the needs of the medical industry. However, customers are still full of concerns about using domestic water pumps to replace the original Japanese brand.

Our solution –
Reliable products, fast service, far exceeding customer expectations

In view of the particularity of the industry, customers have very high requirements on the quality and batch consistency of pumps. After in-depth communication with H company, Topsflo sales engineer Molly recommended two brushless DC water pump TL-B10&TL-C01 to the customer, and urgently provide samples to customers three times for testing and further verification.

Medical Equipment Pump Gene sequencer cooling pump

Topsflo micro pumps strictly adopt raw materials imported from Japan, and never use any recycled materials. All plastic parts must pass the water sampling test with a burst pressure of 28bar, high and low temperature sampling test. All finished products must pass the 100% comprehensive test, 100% air tightness test , 100% burn-in test… 38 strict quality inspections ensure the stable and reliable performance of each pump. At the same time, Topsflo use dust-free and anti-static workshops and strict TÜV ISO9001 & IATF16949 quality control systems to further ensure product quality.

A win-win result –
Join hands to help fight the epidemic and open more projects for in-depth cooperation

At present, Topsflo pumps have been successfully used in customers’ gene sequencers, and sent to major hospitals and testing institutions to help fight the epidemic and assist in virus screening. During the tense period of the epidemic, Topsflo micro cooling water pump will complete its every mission well in the gene sequencer, improve the efficiency of gene and virus screening, and help China fight against the epidemic with stable and reliable quality.
Based on the trust in the quality of Topsflo, the customer proposed to jointly develop other projects. Since then, the in-depth cooperation between the two parties has been opened. In the future, TOPSFLO will, as always, focus on the research and development and quality of the product itself, do it to the extreme, and serve more professional customers around the world with high-end quality.

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