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TOPSFLO DC Brushless Water Pumps Helps Trillion-Dollar Chinese Medical Device Market

The growth rate of China’s medical device market far exceeds the global level
In recent years, the scale of China’s medical device market has grown from 370 billion yuan in 2016 to 772.1 billion yuan in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of over 20%, far exceeding the global level. China has become the world’s second largest medical device market after the United States, and the total market size is expected to exceed trillion in 2022.The strong driving force of the market and the strong support of national policies have prompted domestic medical equipment manufacturers to strive to take advantage of this rare development opportunity to develop higher-end and more technologically valuable medical equipment.

Medical equipment has extremely strict requirements on key components
Medical equipment is special, and the consequences of a medical equipment failure will directly affect the patient’s health, and even cause temporary or permanent damage to the patient. And medical devices may need to be used for long periods of time in different environmental conditions. Therefore, except meeting internationally recognized standards, the performance stability and long-term use of the equipment are also crucial for medical equipment.
Based on this, medical equipment manufacturers have extremely requirements on key components and materials, which not only need to pass a series of rigorous tests, but also require long-term and meticulous certification.

DC brushless drive is more in line with the needs of new medical equipment
Medical equipment often uses a drive pump to transmit test substances. As a key component of medical equipment, the safety, stability and long-term performance of the pump are very important. The pump motor is an important factor for the pump to be well used in medical equipment. brushless DC motors have the advantages of low vibration, small size, wear resistance, and long life, which fully conforms to the current development trend of medical equipment.

Application of Topsflo DC brushless pump in medical field
As the initiatively company to enter the micro brushless DC Medical water Pump industry in China, TOPSFLO has 17 years of research experience in micro brushless DC water pumps. Since its establishment, Topsflo has been aligning with the highest standards in the world, and strictly follows the high standards of TÜV Rheinland IATF16949 quality system for quality control, and conducts quality management of the entire supply chain from the perspective of R&D, supplier, production and service quality management, and adheres to seeking zero-defect quality unremittingly. It keeps pace with Bosch, Iwaki and Nidec internationally, and has won the trust and unanimous praise of major global brands.

The micro brushless DC Medical water pumps produced by Topsflo have the advantages of being significantly ahead of their peers in terms of high temperature resistance, quietness, long life, and batch consistency. At present, TOPSFLO TL-C01TL-B10 brushless DC Medical water pump products have been successfully used in medical equipment, and have reached stable cooperation with many well-known medical equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. In the future, Topsflo is willing to cooperate with more medical equipment companies to jointly realize technological innovation and contribute to the development of China’s medical equipment industry.

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