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Topsflo Micro Brushless Water Pump Repass the British WRAS certification

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certification refers to the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, which is a certification for drinking water safety in the UK. It is a standard enforced by British Water and is a mark of compliance that covers all fittings and materials that come into contact with water by public water systems. Once approved, the WRAS is valid for up to five years, after which the product needs to be resubmitted for evaluation, which shows the strictness of passing requirements. The certification includes various safety tests for the test material:
A. The smell and taste of water in contact with the material will not change
B. The appearance of the material in contact with water does not change
C. Does not cause the growth of aquatic microorganisms
D. No precipitation of toxic metals
E. Will not contain or release substances that affect public health

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Topsflo micro pump industry has always been positioned as the mid-to-high-end market in Europe and the United States, making continuous efforts with international high standards, and always insisting on improving the relevant quality certification of products, meeting customer application requirement and gaining the trust and recognition of customers in different industries. The product was first WRAS certified in 2017, and five years later Topsflo pumps have again successfully passed this water fitting compliance certification in a UK laboratory.

In the UK, although it is not illegal for water fittings without the WRAS mark, from the perspective of the health of drinking water for residents, it is necessary to prove that they can pass the relevant regulations to ensure the safety of the water supply system. Therefore, products with their own WRAS certification are generally selected. The water pump is a key accessory for drinking equipment, and compliance with this certification not only demonstrates its compliance, but is also the easiest and most reliable way for accessory buyers to avoid selecting low-quality or defective products.

Although WRAS certification has become a common practice as a necessary license for the British market, but there was no laboratory in China that could do this test in the early years, and the materials had to be sent to the British laboratory for testing, which increased the complexity of the entire testing process. However, due to Topsflo’s emphasis on the UK and even the entire European market, and the strict requirements for its own product high quality standards and excellence, it still overcomes difficulties and sends the product to the UK laboratory for BS6920 standard compliance testing and finally obtains certification. Which fully reflects the determination of Topsflo people to make high-end miniature brushless DC centrifugal pumps.

How strict is the WRAS certification test? It can be said that a little component can lead to the failure of the whole result. Here is a small story of Topsflo’s first certification process. At that time, the British laboratory reported that the graphite bearing of the pump failed to pass the test, but the actual raw materials and ingredients of the part did not contain this material, which made the technical team puzzled. After some investigation, it was found that the trace metal substance was contaminated with a metal processing tool of the supplier, and immediately negotiated with the supplier to readjust and improve the production process. After the second sample delivery, all the wading parts of the related dc brushless centrifugal pump TL-B10 series products successfully passed the test.

Today, in the in-depth cooperation with high-end customers, Topsflo Pumps has accumulated more experience in pump design and material selection. The full range of TL miniature brushless DC water pumps has undoubtedly passed the WRAS compliance certification again, representing the improvement of the overall quality of Topsflo micro pumps over the years. Which not only enhances the confidence of British and European customers in the long-term use of pumps, but also helps them develop more products that meet market demand, occupy a larger market share, and truly become a solid backing behind the stable development of customers.

Strictly select global raw material suppliers, Topsflo micro pumps use international well-known brand raw materials, directly imported from the original factory, without any return material in the production process, high consistency in batch and long-term use, and good sealing during operation, which can meet the high requirements of customers in the high-end home appliance industry. Quality requirements, widely used in drinking water machines, hot drink machines, water dispensers, purifiers and other drinking industries, well received by customers, and look forward to sincere cooperation with more customers for a win-win future.

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