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Application Analysis of Micro Pumps in Diverse Industrial Printers

With the continuous progress of technology, various types of industry printers have significantly improved in meeting diverse needs. Micro pumps, as a crucial liquid delivery device, play an essential role in various printers.

















Miniature Diaphragm Pumps

Miniature Diaphragm pumps use the bending of a diaphragm to drive fluid transfer, and their precision and controllability make them ideal choice for inkjet printers. Among all types of printers, inkjet printer is one of the most common applications. The role of the mini diaphragm pump in inkjet printers mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Ink delivery: mini diaphragm liquid pump delivers ink from the ink cartridge to the print head, ensuring precise ink ejection during the printing process, resulting in clear images and text.
  • Flow control: The precise control capability of diaphragm pump can ensure that every drop of ink is sprayed onto the paper as needed, thereby providing high-quality printing.
  • Quick response: The diaphragm pump can start or stop ink delivery in an instant, adapting to the needs of high-speed printing.
  • Easy maintenance: The structure of miniature diaphragm pump is relatively simple and easy to be maintained and replaced, which helps the printer have a longer service life.









Micro Gear Pumps

Gear pumps use the rotation of gears to drive liquid transfer. Its characteristics of uniformly transporting liquids make it widely used in laser printers and other fields. Here is the role of gear pumps in different industrial printers:

  • Photosensitive coating transportation: Micro gear pump is used in laser printers to transport photosensitive coating or toner to ensure that the coating on the photosensitive drum is uniform and stable to obtain high-quality printing results.
  • Precise control: The rotation speed of gear pump can be precisely controlled to adjust the thickness of the coating to meet different printing needs.
  • High precision: Gear pumps often enable high-precision liquid delivery, ensuring consistent quality every time you print.


Brushles Centrifugal DC Water Pumps

Brushless Centrifugal DC water cooling pumps promote liquid transfer through centrifugal force, and can also be used for cooling in industrial printers that require efficient cooling systems. They are mainly used in industrial printers, such as laser cutting engraving printer, digital printer, etc. The applications of centrifugal pumps in different types of industrial printers are as follows:

  • Cooling system: The electronic components and print heads in industrial printers generate heat during work. Micro centrifugal pumps can be used to circulate cooling liquid and transfer heat to the radiator or cooling device to maintain a stable operating temperature of the printer.
  • Stable supply: The centrifugal pump can provide a stable supply of ink or liquid, ensuring that large industrial printers will not have supply interruptions during long-term operation.
  • High Flow: Due to its efficient liquid transfer capabilities, centrifugal pumps are suitable for printing tasks that require large volumes of liquid.


Micro pumps play an indispensable role in various types of industrial printers. Through different types of pumps, printers can achieve liquid transfer, control and cooling, thereby ensuring high-quality printing and long-term stability, providing industrial and efficient operation of commercial printers. In the future development, micro pump technology will continue to bring more innovation and progress to the industrial printer industry.

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