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7 matters needing attention in the use of brushless DC mini water pumps

The brushless DC pump uses a DC power supply to drive the brushless motor to run. When the brushless motor runs, it drives the impeller to run, so that the liquid in the pump generates pressure and the pressure gradually increases to achieve the function of transferring liquid.


Due to its low price, small size, high efficiency, long life, safety, and quietness,  brushless dc mini water pumps are widely used as functional parts for fluid delivery in various equipment, such as water dispensers, coffee machines, electric vehicles, ,EV charger,solar water circulation system, computer water circulation heat dissipation, refrigeration, medical equipment, cooling system, bathroom products and other fields.

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When using a  DC mini water pump, you need to pay special attention to the following 7 major matters


1. Power supply correctly
Use a 12V or 24V DC transformer to supply power, and connect the positive and negative poles of the pump power line correctly. The red power wire of the water pump is connected to the positive pole, and the black wire is connected to the negative pole. The positive and negative poles cannot be reversed, otherwise the pump will be short-circuited and burned.


2. Operate the pump within the allowed voltage range
The water pump cannot be used with excess voltage, and the brushless DC pump should be used within the specified operating voltage range. If the water pump has an over-voltage protection function, when the voltage exceeds the range, the water pump will automatically stop and resume work after returning to the normal voltage range.


3.Strictly forbidden use non-conductive liquid with magnetic particles or impurities.
Ferromagnetic impurities and particles enter the magnetic drive and bearings, which will be adsorbed on the magnet rotor and cause blockage. Impurities and particles enter the pump body and damage the pump. Filtration measures should be taken as far as possible. When transporting media containing solid particles, it should be filtered at the water inlet of the brushless DC pump to prevent impurities from entering the pump and blocking it. Liquids with impurities or magnetically conductive particles are strictly prohibited. Flush in time after conveying the medium that is easy to crystallize or settle (fill the pump chamber with clean water after stopping the pump, and drain it after running for 1 minute), so as to protect the service life of the sliding bearing.


4. Operated at the specified temperature
The water pump should be operated at the specified temperature, and the temperature of the medium is strictly prohibited to exceed the standard, which will easily lead to demagnetization of the magnet and degradation of the performance of the control circuit. A platinum resistance temperature sensor can be installed on the outer surface of the isolation sleeve of the magnetic pump to detect the temperature rise in the ring gap area, so as to alarm or stop when the temperature exceeds the limit.


5. Strictly forbidden for the water pump to dry-running
The brushless DC mini centrifugal pump is strictly prohibited from dry-running, because there is no medium lubrication during running, and the rotor will rotate at a high speed, causing its temperature to rise to 200-300 degrees, which is easy to wear the rotor and cause the pump to be stuck. Therefore, you can customize dry running protection to protect the pump motor if there is a risk of running dry for prolonged periods of time.


6. The minimum pipe diameter is not smaller than the inlet and outlet
Ensure that the minimum pipe diameter in the pipeline is not smaller than the inner diameter of the water inlet and outlet. If it is less than that, the pressure of the water pump cannot be released normally, so that the rotor of the water pump rotates at a high speed, and the noise is large. On the one hand, it will also reduce the life of the water pump.


7. Installed below the liquid level
The brushless DC water pump is a centrifugal pump, which cannot automatically exhaust air or self-priming, and must be submerged or installed below the liquid level when in use (the liquid can flow in automatically when the pump is not working).

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