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Life is originally plain, but running will be windy. The long years are no longer than the mountains along the way, and it is nowhere near the footsteps of moving forward. Yearning for poetry and distant places, and do not want to give up the warm home and breakfast, perhaps we can change the way of life, the RV to take you to travel to poetry and and far away.

“Home is in the car, life is on the road”, the RV the caravan is imaginatively compared to a “home in a car”. Comfortable bedroom, spacious living room, clean bathroom and neat kitchen, everything is just like at home, with all the amenities. So the question is, how can a home lack water when almost every amenity needs water? The RV water system is like the circulatory system of the human body, which is particularly important for RVs. It is not only convenient and quick to install, but also easy to maintain in the later period.

A complete RV water system, including water supply and sewage treatment system, the three main components are a clean water tank, a black water tank, and a gray water tank.
Clean water tank: The clean water tank is a water tank used to store clean drinking water and domestic water, and is also the source of water for RVs.
Black water tank: The black water tank is a container used to store the waste water discharged from the toilet. Special degradants and deodorants are usually added inside, which can better degrade solids and remove odors, providing a beautiful environment for the RV.
Grey water tank: A grey water tank is a tank used to collect and treat domestic wastewater, such as common drainage from vegetable sinks, washbasins and bathrooms.

So how to pressurize the water supply of the clean tank in the car? The built-in clean water tank usually adopts a clean water inlet with a lock, and the water pipe outside the car is used to fill the clean water tank. Water is usually added at the faucets of high-speed service areas, campsites, and farms. Pressurized pumps are not needed at this time. When the external water supply stops, this time you need to choose a TOPSFLO 12V/24V C02 automatic pressurized water pump, so that the RV water is not affected.

Install this TL-C02 booster water pump in the recreational vehicle, after turning on the water pump switch, it will pressurize the entire water supply pipe in the recreational vehicle. TOPSFLO TL-C02 BLDC booster pump adopts high-efficiency motor and rotor design, with small water loss, large flow head, high energy efficiency and remarkable boosting effect. At the same time, it adopts a silent design, and the noise is as low as 40dB(A), which is much lower than that of ordinary water pumps in the market. The TL-C02 series has obtained the high-standard drinking water industry safety WRAS certification in the United Kingdom, and at the same time passed the REACH, CE, FDA, ROHS certification, and takes care of the healthy water for you and your family.
Poetry and distance are ideals, and home is reality. RV has changed people’s definition of home. Home not only waits for you to go home, but also accompanies you to see the beauty of the world. TOPSFLO is always by your side, escorting your healthy life.

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