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Solar water heater booster pump — helps save energy and facilitate new life

Solar water heaters offer an efficient and economical alternative to traditional water heating systems, making them a popular appliance for homeowners looking to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emission. When it comes to enjoying a comfortable shower experience and worry-free hot water supply, a solar water heater booster pump becomes an indispensable home appliances. Because of the efficient pressurization of the water pump, users can not only use solar energy efficiently, but also easily enjoy a stable hot water supply.


The core function of the TOPSFLO solar water heater pump is to increase the water pressure of the hot water supply, so that users no longer have to wait for the hot water to flow out, or endure the intermittent hot water supply, but can enjoy every drop of warm hot water. Ensure you get a new and comfortable hot water experience.


At present, TOPSFLO  solar DC pump TS5 has been widely used in several hundred thousand of households around the world. Based on customer feedback, the following points are the main reasons why customers choose TOPSFLO DC solar pumps:


  1. PV power supply, no need to connect to the grid.

The TOPSFLO DC solar pump can be directly connected to the photovoltaic (PV) panel and can directly use the solar DC power converted by the PV panel without the need for additional energy conversion equipment, which can maximize the use of solar resources and reduce energy conversion losses; It provides great convenience for rooftop installation,even remote areas or places lacking stable power supply. This is one of the important reasons why TS5 solar dc pumps are widely used around the world.


  1. Highly efficient and energy-saving, suitable for small or single-family solar water heating systems.

The water pump can start working when the sunlight is weak. The TS5 pump is equipped with a 2W soft-start function and can also work continuously for 24 hours to meet daily hot water supply needs at any time. The low power of 15W can provide a strong flow rate of 12L/Min and a maximum pressure of 3M, reducing energy waste and ensuring efficient supply of hot water. The ultra-long life of 30,000 hours makes it an economical and reliable choice. Used with solar water heaters, it can help you minimize electricity or gas consumption and reduce users’ energy expenses.


  1. Add special protection functions for worry-free operation.

TS5 comes with a series of special protection functions, including polarity protection, idling protection, stall protection, etc. End users can clean and maintain the water pump themselves. When reinstalling, even if the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed, the water pump circuit board will not be damaged. If the pipeline is short of water, the idling protection detection of TS5 will be triggered. The water pump will run at low speed when there is no water, and will automatically return to normal working status when there is water, without the risk of burning the PCBA. If impurities in the pipeline block the pump, the pump will be tested repeatedly until the blockage is cleared and normal operation resumes. These protection mechanisms greatly reduce the damage to the water pump caused by common operating errors by end customers.


  1. Easy installation and maintenance

The installation process of TOPSFLO solar water heater booster water pump is very simple and does not require complicated engineering and equipment, allowing you to quickly enjoy it at home. The TS5 water pump is small and lightweight, with a motor diameter of 46mm and can be directly fixed on the water pipe without a bracket. The high quality makes it almost free of maintenance costs. It only requires regular inspection and maintenance to remove possible impurities in the water pipes. TOPSFLO solar water heater booster pump TS5 will continue to provide long-term and reliable service for your solar water heater.


Solar water heater pump

In practical applications, TOPSFLO Solar DC Pump TS5 not only helps solar water heaters improve the hot water supply for end users, but also helps them save a lot of energy costs, and has won unanimous praise from the majority of end users. An end customer wrote to TOPSFLO and said: “My TS5 water pump has been working perfectly for 4 years. Now I want to buy a new generation pump.” Real user reviews and satisfaction guarantee are the best proof of our products.


If you have a specific working scenario or application needs and are looking for a pump solution, feel free to contact us. TOPSFLO will continue to provide you with more efficient and energy-saving solar water heater pumps.

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