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Application of Solar DC Pump TD5 in Hot Water Circulation System

TOPSFLO TD5 solar hot water circulating pump has been widely used in New Solar Whole House Water Heating System,and has been recognized and praised by customers.

solar hot water pump TD5

The new solar hot water circulation system works by installing solar collectors on the roof, and the buckets are installed below the roof or on the ground. We need a circulation pump to continuously circulate cold water to the collectors. The collector circulates the hot water to form a closed-loop system circulation to realize the exchange of cold and hot water.

At present, water pumps used in New Solar Whole House Water Heating System on the market are roughly divided into two types: alternating current circulation pump and direct current solar hot water pump.

Compared with the traditional separated AC circulating pump, the DC solar hot water pump has the following advantages:

Energy saving, environmental protection and safer: using solar panels to supply power directly, 6V low voltage start, 2W low power start, and water pump can start and work normally when the sunlight is weak in the morning. no need to use household AC power supply, very energy saving (if install DC solar energy system in the developed countries in Europe and America, the government will give certain subsidies accordingly) . The water pump itself is DC low voltage, which is very safe to use, avoiding the risk of AC pumps.

1. Long service life: solar system pump adopts the most advanced magnetic drive method, and the lifetime is more than 30,000 hours. Compared with the lifetime of AC pump of about 6,000 hours, it is greatly increased, and the average cost-effectiveness of the customer’s use is greatly improved.
2. Low noise: solar DC circulating pump is an isolated centrifugal pump, the friction between the bearing and shaft is very small,so the working noise of the pump is lower than that of AC pump, and quieter.
3. Small size: DC pump is about 1/3 the size of the traditional AC pump, which is more convenient to install and use;
4. MPPT function:Every three seconds, the processor modifies the operating point on the PV panel’s voltage-current curve to find the point of optimal performance. No separate performance equipment is required, TD5 solar pump automatically finds the optimum operating point for maximum performance under any given light and temperature conditions. Compared with general pumps on the market, the efficiency can be improved by 30%-50%.

Advantages over solar pumps from EL SID Solar DC Pump and Laing D5 DC Solar Pump
Many of our clients also reflected application problems by using SID and Laing-D5 pumps, such as tempreature, MPPT max efficiency and so on. But they are very satisfied with ours till now since transition. Our TD5 solar circulation pumps are developed by studying SID and Laing-D5 pumps first,Then optimize their weakness.
For example, there exists tempreature issue due to spherical motor for Laing D5 pumps, and SID pumps do not have MPPT functions. Generally, our solar pumps have comprehend all advantages and optimize the advantages for supporting solar system at its max performance, and have been tested and applied in the market for a long time with nice feedback. I believe topsflo will be a great choice for you.

No. Weakness Improvement
1, Motor tempreature issue due to spherical motor for Laing D5 pumps High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor, reach clients’ requirements in long lifetime and over all performance.
2, MPPT function SID pumps do not have MPPT functions TD5 with MPPT function, can realize four powers, 5W, 10W, 15W, 25W automatically wuth hiest efficieny.
3, Structure&Design SID&Laing D5 More reasonable and nicer-looking

As the only professional solar water pump supplier in China, TOPSFLO will continue to improve technology, innovate and make breakthroughs, turn customer recognition and support into continuous forward momentum, and strive to become a leader in the global micro pump industry.

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Recommend you also directly send and email to info@topsflo.com to get our fastest response.