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TOPSFLO has won the world-renowned thermal management industry customer with obvious performance advantages

Recently, a world-renowned thermal management solution supplier——LD company, appointed a delegation of 3 representatives from the Shenzhen factory to visit TOPSFLO and conduct on-site inspections. In the process of factory inspection, customer said that our company’s concept of positioning high-end and serving the top customers in the industry is in great agreement with LD development concept. At the same time, both parties focus on our own fields in corporate culture, aspire to become an industry benchmark, and take the creation of a century-old enterprise as the ultimate pursuit.

As the preferred thermal management solution provider for global equipment manufacturers, LD company’s products mainly serve the world’s top customer groups, such as Siemens, Philips, Tesla, etc. In 2019, Shenzhen factory is going to use micro brushless DC water pump made in China to replace the original Japanese pump. And under the recommendation of its European and American market customers, got to know TOPSFLO, which has a good reputation for quality company, but this is not the final standard for LD to select suppliers.

In order to choose a real high-quality micro water pump, LD company has set up three mini brushless water pump testing platforms in the US and China region to test the status of the water pump every day: ON-OFF accelerated cycle aging test; 80 degrees continuous high temperature life test; pressure test of flow and water head system. The R&D personnel of LD company will evaluate the quality of the pump according to the actual working state and changes of the pump during the test.

TOPSFLO water pump and other domestic brand water pump have been subjected to a year and a half of rigorous testing by LD company. Because of our good quality and performance, TOPSFLO pump finally stood out among the many pumps and were chosen by customers. Especially in the high temperature test of 80 degrees, customer commented that the temperature rise of the TOPSFLO water pump is the lowest among the pumps, and the performance advantage is obvious. This means that the TOPSFLO pump generates less heat and can greatly enhance the reliability of the electronic part. In addition to this, customer say that the high temperature capability of the TOPSFLO micro brushless DC pump exceeds that of the Japanese pump they are currently using. The Japanese pump will stop or not work at 80 degrees, while the TOPSFLO pump has never had such a situation and has always maintained stable operation.

Based on the test results satisfactory to LD company and the performance advantages of TOPSFLO product, the representative of LD Shenzhen factory visited our company recently to have an in-depth understanding of our company. And after this factory inspection, the customer’s quality representative gave our company an all-round affirmation and evaluation:

1. Affirmed the effectiveness and industry leadership of the ESD anti-static control of TOPSFLO;
TOPSFLO ESD anti-static and dust-free workshop follows the American ANSI ESD S20.20 2014 standard: the industry’s most advanced static management system is used to prevent, detect and eliminate static electricity, and avoid product electronic failure caused by potential static electricity.
2. Affirmed the standardization and process of TOPSFLO’s operations and the operation of TUV IATF 16949 in the enterprise;
TOPSFLO pump is one of the few domestic companies that has obtained the dual certification of TUV IATF 16949 & ISO9001 system, and strictly implements the highest standards of IATF 16949 in terms of production, research and development and other aspects of quality management. Pursue quality “zero defect”.
3. Affirmed the degree of automation of the TOPSFLO production line;
TOPSFLO has introduced more than 100 sets of internationally advanced imported manufacturing and testing equipment to build fully automated electronic line, motor line, and pump assembly and testing line.
4. Customers give high praise to TOPSFLO R&D analysis testing capabilities and supporting equipment capabilities and resources.
TOPSFLO owning the 4 laboratories that meeting the CNAS national laboratory certification standard and a team of R&D engineers with more than 20 years of industry experience, which can provide customers with efficient and professional solutions or brand-new customized development solutions.

At the same time, LD company stood in a higher dimension in the global field and gave TOPSFLO some very good suggestions, such as waste disposal, employee training, etc. These will also better guide TOPSFLO to move forward and make continuous progress.
The incomparable fit with the customer’s philosophy is destined that in this cooperation, the two parties will collide with different sparks. And TOPSFLO will also undertake the recognition and trust of customers with higher quality products; with continuous efforts, it will create core values for more customers who pursue high quality in micro brushless centrifugal pump. As advocated in our corporate culture “To ensure the best quality of TOPSFLO each pump”.

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