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Introduction: With the rapid development of the social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of “beauty” is getting deeper and deeper. Driven by this original demand force, the beauty market has brought unprecedented prosperity. As a result, it also promotes the beauty equipment industry to enter the “fast lane”. This article mainly shows you the application of  TOPSFLO brushless DC cooling pump in the beauty equipment industry.

Blue ocean market, unlimited development space

The data shows that in the past five years, Chinese beauty industry has been growing at an annual rate of more than 20%, higher than the national GDP growth rate in the same period. It is estimated that there will be 25.483 million medical aesthetic users in 2023.

Nowadays, plastic surgery and beauty have become a new fashion for the younger generation, and the rapid development of the medical beauty market has brought huge development space for medical beauty equipment. In addition, with the continuous repetition of the new crown epidemic, consumers based on the needs of skin care and beauty at home, have also shown a stronger consumer demand for beauty equipment than ever before. At present, considering the major data and comprehensive factors, there is no doubt that the development space of the beauty equipment market is limitless, and the rising industry of beauty equipment will definitely attract more investors to enter.

Low barriers to entry, difficult to guarantee product quality
Beauty equipment is an instrument that uses physical technology, electronic technology, optical technology and other methods to make people beautiful. ​The entry threshold of the beauty industry is not high and the market competition is fierce, resulting in a wide variety of beauty instruments on the market. There are bound to be problems such as product homogeneity and product quality assurance. Therefore, manufacturers of beauty equipment cannot blindly pursue products to meet market demand, but must also work hard on product raw materials, technology research and development, etc.

TOPSFLO TL-C01 water pump is born for high-end beauty equipment
As an important part of beauty equipment, water pump has a great influence on the performance of the equipment. A high-performance water pump can make a beauty device play the maximum effect. So, what characteristics should a high-quality beauty instrument pump have?
The beauty instrument water pump TL-C01 series produced by TOPSFLO Pump Industry is a miniature brushless DC magnetic drive centrifugal pump. This series of water pumps has a compact structure, light weight and very quiet. Mainly include the following features:

Firstly, high performance and low power consumption. The TL-C01 series medical beauty pump adopts a proprietary three-phase brushless motor. The three-phase brushless motor is a soft start, no impact, and moderate starting power consumption. Compared with the single-phase motors used in similar products on the market, the power is smaller, the speed is lower, the heat generation is lower, which is unique to the TOPSFLO TL-C01 series.
Secondly, long life. TL-C01 has been specifically designed with only one running part: the magnetic drive rotor and impeller rotate in a ceramic bearing, and the patented high-precision silent rotor is used. The rotor balance is 20mg, which is 5 times higher than ordinary products on the market, so it can extend the life of the water pump to 30,000 hours, which considerably exceeds the ordinary standard in the market.
Thirdly, mute experience. Patented silent design, the noise value of the same model is 5-10dB lower than that of the same type. The imported high-precision injection-molded magnetic silent rotor is adopted, and the noise batch is consistent, and the long-term production precision control is stable.
Fourth, no leakage. Using advanced magnetic drive technology, static seal design, imported PPE from Japan, each pump has undergone rigorous testing.
Fifth, high security. It has multiple protection functions such as impeller locked-rotor protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, etc. The idling protection function can be customized.

Join hands with TOPSFLO to achieve quality from the source
The performance of the water pump directly affects the quality of the beauty equipment. When choosing a water pump supplier, beauty equipment manufacturers should also consider the following angles:
First, select suppliers who can provide customized services to establish differentiated competitiveness. Depending on the application environment, the technical requirements of the beauty equipment for the pump will be different. TOPSFLO Pump has more than ten years of experience in customizing major customers, and more than 100 world-renowned brands have successfully customized cases, which have been recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers.
Second, choosing suppliers with independent research and development, production and sales strength will be more guaranteed in terms of product quality and delivery. TOPSFLO Pump has a 16,000-square-meter modern factory with its own physical property rights, an ESD anti-static control and dust-free workshop, more than 100 sets of internationally advanced imported equipment, a complete MES manufacturing system, and four major laboratories that meet the standards of CNAS national laboratory accreditation. The products sell well in 65 countries and regions such as America, Europe and Oceania.
Third, select suppliers with high product batch consistency. In order to maintain the consistency and stability of the quality of large-scale products, it is a test of the strength of suppliers. More than 90% of the raw materials for TOPSFLO pumps come from world-renowned brands to ensure the batch consistency of different batches of materials;The intelligent production line built with imported automation equipment ensures the consistency of the batch process and is highly efficient.; the entire testing process is strictly controlled in accordance with the TÜV Rheinland IATF 16949 quality system standard, and the pursuit of “zero defect” quality.
​Most importantly, the miniature brushless DC centrifugal pump of TOPSFLO pumps can be considered the strongest support for high-quality beauty equipment. It is believed that the beauty equipment market will develop rapidly with a more brand new attitude next few years. As a pioneer in the field of miniature brushless DC water pump research, TOPSFLO is willing to cooperate with beauty equipment manufacturers to achieve more high-quality beauty equipment products, and help the development of beauty equipment and even the beauty industry from the source!

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