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TOPSFLO Micro Pump intelligent manufacturing and custom chemical factory building continues to power future production development

2021 is destined to be a major milestone in the development history of TOPSFLO Micro Pump.
After the completion of the first phase of the factory building with a total area of 5,000 square meters of self owned property
rights of TOPSFLO and move in, the company’s second phase of the customized factory building has also signed a formal agreement with Changsha Modern Industrial Park. The new factory building is officially launched in 2021 and will be completed in 2022!

TOPSFLO Micro Pump Manufacturer

The difference from the first phase of the factory building is that the new factory building has a total area of 11,000 square meters and is built as a single house with 6 floors. The construction of the new plant is an all-round planning and design carried out by TOPSFLO fully considering the combination with the development in the next five years. It is committed to becoming the development benchmark of international micro-pump enterprises, benchmarking the world’s first-class, and contribute the backbone to the intelligent manufacturing of high-end micro-pumps!

Quality manufacturing upgrade. Build a fully automatic intelligent production line.
In the 6 floors of the new factory, it is planned to use 4 floors to build a fully automated production line to increase the process of intelligent “quality” manufacturing. The total plan is to introduce 8 advanced automatic production lines, which can realize the production of 4 million micro water pumps for customers. In addition to the current production capacity, a total of 6.5 million units of production capacity can be achieved. In particular, the establishment of automated factory line will better serve the dedicated line production of large-volume order customers.

Functional synergy. Further planning of the injection workshop.
In the planning of the new factory, further planning of the injection molding workshop will continue. It is planned to use an entire floor to build an injection molding workshop, improve the dc micro water pump production chain, and expand the supporting set of injection molding machines imported from Japan from 6 to 12.

Creative work. Pay attention to the spiritual well-being of staff.
The top floor of the factory building will be used to plan staff canteens, leisure areas, and reading areas. Let TOPSFLO people enjoy a comfortable life and convenience in the company in addition to their busy work. This is not only the in-depth implementation of TOPSFLO’s purpose of “Happy work, serious life”, but also the same as TOPSFLO’s corporate culture and business philosophy: Creating outstanding value for customer, creating both spiritual and material happiness for staff

Different from the brand corporate culture of TOPSFLO (TOPSFLO – high-end fluid: TOPS high-end, FLO fluid), the construction of the new factory also has a new interpretation of “TOPSFLO”, a new vision, practicing a new development concept. People and buildings coexist harmoniously and develop together, and the concept of “quality manufacturing” is everywhere.

T-top” means the top. After the completion of the new plant, the existing total plant area of TOPSFLO Micro Pump reaches 16,000 square meters. It is the largest enterprise with its own property rights among all domestic companies focusing on brushless DC micro water pump.
O-opportunity” means opportunity. At the time of the rapid development of the industry, TOPSFLO Pumps seized the opportunity and expanded rapidly, taking “building intelligent manufacturing and realizing lean production” as the main line, and leading the industry with the construction of fully automated production line.
P-positive” means to be positive. The new factory has a diverse design and is full of vigor. The completion of the new factory will definitely give more positive guidance to all TOPSFLO people.
S-sincere” means sincerity, which is the basis for all TOPSFLO people to unite, the spiritual foundation for the construction of the new factory, and the cornerstone for the long-term and stable cooperation between TOPSFLO and customers.
F-future” means the future. The corporate vision of TOPSFLO Pump is to become a respected century-old enterprise. The establishment of the new plant will be a breakthrough step in the blueprint of TOPSFLO Pump’s century-old enterprise.
L-lasting” means lasting. TOPSFLO Pump will take the construction of the new factory as an opportunity to keep improving and never stop on the road of pursuing quality.
O-open” means open, the open office environment reflects the openness and diversity of the new factory, and stimulates the collaborative spirit and innovative thinking of all TOPSFLO people.

Every brick and tile is an expectation, and the road with one step will open up the future. TOPSFLO Pump will comply with the market situation and economic laws, seize the opportunities of the times, meet challenges, constantly explore new heights, and steadily embark on a new journey. Taking building a century-old evergreen enterprise as the long-term development goal, in the current stage of sustainable and steady development, we will further refine and become stronger, and strive to become an internationally renowned high-tech enterprise. Let us look forward to the bright future of TOPSFLO Pump! 

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Recommend you also directly send and email to info@topsflo.com to get our fastest response.