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Analyze the working principle and selection key of laser cooling circulation pump

Laser equipment, such as fiber optic, UV, YAG, CO2 and ultrafast lasers, can manipulate many different materials and enable applications such as laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking and laser engraving. Due to its high precision of finished products and convenient and fast operation, make the application of laser equipment more and more common in various household and commercial scenarios.


During the long-term operation of the laser generator, high temperatures are constantly generated. If the working temperature of the laser tube is too high, it will cause irreversible damage, resulting in weakened laser output power, which will affect the quality of equipment processing. In addition, if the laser tube works at an excessively high temperature for a long time, its service life will be greatly shortened. As a core component, laser tube is very expensive and the replacement cost is high, it is usually necessary to add an additional efficient water cooling cycle component to the laser generator to control the temperature to ensure that the device can run well for a long time.


Working principle:
In the heat ex-changer, the inner circulating water exchanges energy with the outer circulating water. The cooled water returns to the water tank, passes through the filter and the water pump, and takes away the heat as it flows through the laser cavity, thereby cooling the laser. Subsequently, the water with increased temperature flows back into the heat ex-changer to exchange energy with the external circulating water again.


Selection requirements:
The laser chiller powered by a centrifugal water pump is a cooling cycle component specially designed for the heat dissipation and constant temperature of the laser processing generator. The performance of the water pump plays a key role in the effectiveness of the entire cooling circulation system. Here are some suggestions for pump selection:


–1. intelligent control: Lasers require high speed and precise precision in industrial applications, so a DC brushless centrifugal water pump with intelligent control function is selected, and its PCBA control board can quickly respond to program control to achieve more accurate temperature control and prevent critical Components are overheating.


–2. stable water flow: choose centrifugal pump products with high batch consistency and low failure rate, such as TOPSFO centrifugal pumps, which can provide constant and reliable flow, keep the laser wavelength constant, and prolong the service life of the laser. Using a laser chiller ensures that your industrial lasers remain at a constant temperature for optimal performance.


–3. long working life: choose a pump with a working life of more than 20,000 hours, which can run safely without aging, and avoid affecting the service life of the laser chiller due to the short life of the pump.


–4. excellent sealing and leakage prevention: choose TL-B10 with advanced static sealing design and high strength and stable structure. Japan imports PPE materials to ensure air tightness and reliability.


Through an in-depth understanding of specific industry attributes and professional needs, the appropriate laser cooling circulation pump can be selected to meet the high requirements of the industry and provide reliable cooling solutions to ensure the safe operation and efficient performance of laser equipment.


Customer case
As an enterprise specializing in the production of laser cooling circulation pumps, TOPSFLO has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Z Company, a well-known American laser engraving machine enterprise.


With high quality and strict process control as the core, TOPSFLO has produced a laser cooling circulation pump product TL-B10-C that meets industry standards, successfully matching the cooling system of the laser engraving machine of Z Enterprise, which has fast heat dissipation and saves installation space , greatly improve the operating efficiency of the machine, provide continuous and stable cooling effect for the equipment, and ensure the stable operation and excellent processing performance of the equipment.


TOPSFLO works closely with customers to research new cooling solutions and drive innovation in laser engraving technology. In the future, the two parties plan to continue to deepen cooperation and jointly explore new developments.

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