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Auto Electirc Water Pump Series by TOPSFLO

Is it possible to customize the product?

We have our own independent structural engineers, electronic engineers, electrical engineers, and process engineers. If the customer’s project must require some non-standard samples or additional customization, after the customer tests our standard products to confirm that the basic parameter performance is ok, we can according to Customize structure/electronics/motor according to different customization requirements of customers.

Can this brushless dc pump run dry?

No, definitely not! Magnetic drive pumps will incur damage even after short periods of dry running. Our advice is to ensure that the pump has a flooded suction or always make sure that the pump casing and inlet pipe are filled with fluid; one way of ensuring this is to fit a check valve on the inlet line to stop water escaping when the pump is inactive. Another way of protecting the pump is to fit a dry running device, this will turn the pump off if it detects that no fluid is entering the pump. If you think that dry running is inevitable, then please speak to us and we will try to select a more suitable pump for your application.

What is a magnetic drive and what are the benefits?

A magnetic drive is a means of sealing a pump without the requirement of a mechanical seal. Magnets are used to transfer torque from the motor shaft to the shaft within the pump head.
There are many benefits of sealing the pump in this fashion, including;
• A mechanical seal does not need to be regularly replaced due to wear and tear, this greatly reduces maintenance costs.
• A seal flush is not required for seal lubrication.
• The fluid is fully contained within the pump, this means there are zero chances of leakage. This is a great benefit when handling hazardous and corrosive products.

How can I choose the most suitable pump?

Please tell me your detailed flow rate, pressure, running time, voltage, application, fluid, ambient temperature and so on, then I will match the most appropriate pump for you, or you can choose the exact model in the product manual.

What’s the main products of your company?

We specialized in all kinds of micro pumps (micro BLDC centrifugal water pump, micro gear pump, high performance diaphragm air/liquid pump) for over 10 years with excellent quality and competitive.

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