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Plumbing mattress, also known as temperature-controlled Water Heated Mattress Pad, consists of two parts: a plumbing mattress and a water reservoir. The working principle of the plumbing mattress is that the water is heated through the water reservoir, and then transported to the plumbing mattress for heating by the DC circulating pump. Using water as the medium, does not produce any electromagnetic radiation, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

As an indispensable power source for liquid circulation, the plumbing mattress pump directly affects the quality of the plumbing mattress. The plumbing mattress is used as a household appliance for heating bedding, because its running time is mostly at night, and the requirements for the mute effect of the pump are very strict.The noise of the TOPSFLO Water Heated Mattress pump is less than or equal to 25dB(A), and the noise is generally lower than that of the peers by 3-5dB(A). Hot water mattress pump is a micro 12v circulating water pump,silent direct drive motor pump.


  • Hot Water Mattress Pad Pump

    First-level mute <25dB, enjoy quiet sleep

    •  One-piece injection-molded magnetic inlet silent rotor, one-time molding, low rotor dynamic balance
    •  Professional silent design, using suspended silent rotor, low vibration, low noise during long-term operation
    •  High-precision mold, strong stability, good noise batch consistency

  • Water Heater Mattress Pump -1

    Professional structure design, effectively solve the problem of stuck

    •  The design of the water pump gap is reasonable, allowing larger impurities and dirt to pass through without getting stuck
    •  After the heating mattress is used or placed for a period of time, the water pump can be started normally, and there is no stuck phenomenon

Water Heater Mattress Pump Series by TOPSFLO

  • Hot Water Mattress Pump B09
    Hot Water Mattress Pump B09

    Voltage 12V

    Max Flow 6L 7.5L/min

    Max Water Head 1.2M 1.8M

  • Water Heated Mattress Pump C03
    Water Heated Mattress Pump C03

    Voltage 12V

    Max Flow 7L/min

    Max Water Head 2M

TOPSFLO Water Heating Mattress Circulation Pump Solves Easy Stuck Problem

Recently, TOPSFLO sales manager, Susan received an annual new order of 100,000 units from a well-known Korean customer in the water heating mattress industry, and also received great affirmation and recognition from them in email. They reflected the 150,000 units of  TOPSFLO Quiet brushless circulating water pumps used in the past 3 years, are far superior to other pumps they have used before. With high quality and batch consistency with zero defect rate of stuck problems, TOPSFLO quiet pump C03 solved their industry problems caused by “easily stuck” previously.

Water Heating Mattress, also known as temperature-controlled plumbing mattress, consists of two parts: a plumbing mattress and a water reservoir. In recent years, the advent of water heating mattress has allowed more people to enjoy comfortable sleep, and has gradually developed into a household necessity. The working principle is that the water is heated through the reservoir, and then pumping to the plumbing mattress for heating by the brushless mini DC circulating water pump. Because the medium is water, it does not produce any electromagnetic radiation, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

water heater mattress pump

As an indispensable power source for the liquid circulation, the circulating water pump has a direct impact on the pros and cons of the plumbing mattress. At present, many plumbing mattresses on the market are prone to the problem of uneven heating after running for a period of time, or the host cannot start when the plumbing mattress is put away for a year after being used in winter, which is caused by the stuck mini water pump. It not only affects customers experience, and also has greatly reduced the brand reputation, and many plumbing mattress manufacturers and customers have been suffering from it.

Facing the long-standing industry problem, the customer’s team inspected a number of  micro pump manufacturers and tested a variety of miniature brushless circulation pumps, but the results were unsatisfactory. Finally, under the recommendation of its partner company, the customer learned about TOPSFLO water heating mattress pump. After understanding TOPSFLO technical development capabilities and R&D strength, the customer initially affirmed its strength, and further proposed to TOPSFLO technical team to solve the industry problem “water pump stuck”.

The problem has not only plagued plumbing mattress customers for a long time, but also a common problem faced by the micro-pump industry. But TOPSFLO R&D team embrace this challenge and always hold the intention of truly solving problems and creating value for clients, continues to conduct in-depth research and try to solve the stuck problem from various aspects. After more than 1 year of long-term research and multiple rounds of verification, breakthroughs are finally made in the following three aspects to solve the industry stuck problem.
1.TOPSFLO adopts high-quality raw materials and high-precision molds imported from Japan, to ensure the high precision and high batch consistency of the rotor bearing & shaft, to prevent the dimensional deviation caused by the precision problem and cause the stuck, eventually ensuring the high precision and high quality of the products with Seiko quality and batch consistency;
2.On the condition that ultra-quietness and high batch consistency are ensured, the structure of the pump is more rationally designed to reserve a space to allow more impurities to pass through. This is due to the strength of TOPSFLO technical research in the pump industry for nearly 20 years and the accumulation of long-term customer service experience.
3.The combination of extra large torque motor and the electronic starting scheme, makes large starting torque. Even if there are tiny impurities, it will not cause stuck.
Just as TOPSFLO has been providing customers with high-quality products and solutions for 17 years, we will continue to achieve long-term and stable cooperation with customers with high-quality reputation, and obtained more opportunities for cooperation. Long-term industry precipitation and technological breakthroughs have made TOPSFLO a representative of the industry’s technical breakthroughs and a powerful pump manufacturer. TOPSFLO has always believed that only professional& dedicated research can continuously achieve breakthroughs and innovations, and can bring more outstanding value beyond expectations to more industries, markets and customers.

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