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Instant hot water dispenser is a general term for a device system that can heat drinking water to a temperature close to the boiling point for users to drink in 1 seconds or less.

Hot water dispenser pump is a small boiler booster water pump. Because the equipment needs to maintain high temperature boiling water at 98-100 degrees for a long time, the water pump has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, flow stability, food grade, and long life.

TOPSFLO Under-sink drinking water heater pump for hot drink machines in the kitchen solves all hidden dangers of high temperature for customers from various considerations in terms of materials and technical processes. The use of better quality and more high temperature resistant materials ensures the long-term batch consistency and performance stability of the water pump of the hot drink machine. All boiling water pump have passed CQC quality certification, CE, RoHS, REACH, WRAS, FDA, NSF and other international certifications, in line with the drinking food industry.

  • Hot Water Dispenser Pump

    Long-term high temperature use

    ⋅  Imported plastic materials, never use any recycled materials,
    long-term high temperature resistance, no cracking
    ⋅  Adopt international first-line brand electronic components,more professional high temperature resistant electronic solution design,long-term high
    ⋅  The temperature rise is lower and more stable Full-process control of ESD from storage to production without risk of electronic failure

  • Food Grade Water Boiler Pump

    High temperature exhaust design, effectively solve the problem of erosion

    ⋅  Under the liquid temperature of 97℃~100℃, compared with the
    water pump model with the same power, the output of the matching hot drink machine equipment Traffic increased by about 21%
    ⋅  The flow loss rate at different temperatures is within 10%,and the flow output is stable under high temperature, and there will be no output. Now the noise becomes louder and the flow is unstable

Hot Water Dispenser Pump Series by TOPSFLO

  • Hot Water Dispenser Pump B04
    Hot Water Dispenser Pump B04

    Voltage 12V 24V

    Max Flow 7.5L/min

    Max Water Head 3M

  • Filtered Boiling Water Pump B03
    Filtered Boiling Water Pump B03

    Voltage 12V 24V

    Max Flow 6L 7L/min

    Max Water Head 2M 3M

  • Under-sink Water Heater Pump
    Under-sink Water Heater Pump

    Voltage 12V 24V

    Max Flow 7L 9L

    Max Water Head 3M 5M

How to Select a Right Pump for Your Commercial Water Boiler and Bubble Tea Dispensers?

In recent years, the tea beverage market is rapidly booming, with new bubble tea beverage brands such as Naixue, Sexy tea, Lucky Coffee and Kudi Coffee not only meeting diversified consumer demand, but also becoming a key growth engine in the market.
With the continuous expansion of the bubble tea beverage market, the market size of commercial water boilers and tea water dispensers has also grown steadily. Consumer demand for tea has become increasingly diversified, they not only want to meet the basic needs of drinking, but also pay more attention to the taste and quality of tea, the pursuit of different flavour of various types of tea. The emergence of commercial hot water dispensers makes it easier for consumers to obtain high-quality tea drinking, and the intelligence and multi functionality of the equipment has also become a trend for future development.


Commercial hot water dispenser pump

The main role of water pumps
The main role of a hot water pump in a commercial water boiler includes:
(1)Commercial water boilers are often required to provide hot water to multiple customers during peak hours, and the dosing action of the pumps ensures a steady flow of hot water is provided for varying demands;
(2)Pressurized water sources to ensure a steady flow of water, especially in areas of low water pressure or long distance water supplies;
(3)Used to deliver heated water to provide a fast, efficient supply of hot water, while monitoring and controlling the level in the tank to maintain sufficient water to ensure a continuous supply of hot water.

Choosing the right pump is crucial
In the manufacture of commercial water boilers, the water boiler pump is one of the key components that ensures that the boiler runs consistently and delivers stable hot water. To help you make an informed decision when choosing a water boiler pump, here are some key considerations:
1. Flow demand: In commercial water boilers, it is important to cater for hot water supply under different models and demands. Flow demand refers to the required hot water output per minute. When selecting a pump, the hot water demand in a commercial scenario needs to be analyzed in detail, including peak hours and demand for different models, to ensure that the pump selected has sufficient flow to meet the demand while avoiding excessive energy consumption.

2. High-temperature performance: Commercial water boilers can reach high temperatures, even up to 100 °C, when heating and storing hot water, so the pump selected should have excellent high-temperature resistance to prevent the pump from cavitation or failing in high-temperature environments. This involves the selection of high temperature resistant materials and the design of the electrical system to protect the internal components of the pump from high temperature damage.

3. Drinking water safety: The hot water supplied by commercial water boilers will be used for food and beverage preparation, so the pumps must be made of materials and manufactured to meet food-grade certification standards. This requires stringent quality control and material selection to ensure that the pumps do not release hazardous substances or adversely affect water quality, providing a high level of trust and reliability for users.Speed control: Commercial water boilers and tea makers need to adapt to different water needs, so it’s a good idea to choose a pump with a speed-adjustable feature to adjust the speed and temperature of the water flow according to the user’s needs.

4. Design flexibility: The size and shape of the pump should be coordinated with the design of the commercial water boiler to ensure optimal integration and space utilization. Flexible design also promotes ease of installation and maintenance.

5. Reliability: Commercial water boilers often require frequent start-ups and operation at high traffic levels. Choosing a well-designed, well-built and rigorously tested pump reduces breakdowns and maintenance requirements. A pump that is easy to maintain reduces downtime and ensures a constant supply of hot water.


Ideal for commercial water boiler pumps
Based on these points, the TOPSFLO water boiler pumps TL-B02, TL-B03 and TL-B10 series offer a wide range of choices for different models and needs in the field of commercial water boilers, demonstrating excellent technical advantages.
1. Firstly, TOPSFLO water boiler pumps offer multi-specification flow rate options to meet the demand under different tank capacities, tea bucket capacities and water head ranges, providing diverse specification options such as 6L/min, 7L/min, 9L/min, 12L/min, and so on.

2. Secondly, they have extreme high temperature resistance with high temperature wear-resistant materials and unique high temperature exhaust design, capable of stable operation at extreme temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, ensuring that commercial water boilers can supply hot water for a long time in high temperature environments.

3. In addition, TOPSFLO hot water pumps have passed FDA, NSF and other food-grade certifications as well as WRAS certifications to meet drinking water standards, providing higher credibility and user trust for commercial water boilers.

4. TOPSFLO hot water pumps support PWM or 5V speed adjustment with signal feedback to intelligently adjust the speed and volume of water flow according to user demand, providing personalized rationing while reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs. They also feature a compact design, including different height options to accommodate a variety of commercial water boiler installations and layouts, providing additional design flexibility. Most importantly, TOPSFLO pumps undergo intensive reliability testing to ensure trouble-free and stable operation during frequent start-up operations ,providing commercial water boiler manufacturers with a reliable, high-quality product.

This range of technical advantages makes TOPSFLO’s water boiler pumps the ideal choice for the commercial water boilers. By choosing TOPSFLO pumps, manufacturers of commercial water boilers and tea water dispensers are able to offer superior products that have gained a reputation for excellence in the marketplace and user feedback. By working closely with TOPSFLO to shape a bright future for the commercial water boilers, we will continue to drive technological innovation, meet customer needs, and bring more development opportunities to the industry.

Why the world’s well-known hot drink machine companies have all chosen TOPSFLO pumps

Kitchen hot water drink machine, also called instant hot drink machine, instant boiling/chilled drinking water system,  boiling tap – is an equipment system that can heat drinking water to a temperature close to the boiling point in 2 seconds or less. It is suitable for kitchens, bars, and offices. , Leisure places, community clubs, tea rooms, etc., making tea, brewing coffee, etc. are very convenient, and it has been popularized very early in foreign countries.

However, for many hot drink machine companies,  the product quality and lifetime are difficult to break through because it needs to maintain a high temperature of 98-100 degrees for a long time.  They have encountered many problems when using hot water pumps:  
-some water pumps plastic shells have deformation and aging at high temperatures, resulting in potential safety hazards of leakage; 
-some pumps noise become louder after using for a period of time, which caused consumers complaints; 
-some pump have unstable flow when producing hot water, especially at high temperatures, the flow will become very small even to zero; 
-and some pumps life cannot meet the requirements, and they will need to be replaced after just a few months of use.
Hot Drink Machine Pump
Aiming at solving the industry pain points, TOPSFLO has specially developed the B03 B04 and B10 drink water pumps for kitchen hot drink machine high temperature usage.  Since the new product was launched in 2014, it has been successfully equipped with many well-known hot drinks in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Taiwan, Japan, China and other countries. The machine has been used by customers for many years and has been very satisfied so far.  In addition to the low-noise, high-quality characteristics of boiling drink machines high-temperature pumps , what are the unique advantages of TOPSFLO’s high-temperature pumps that have attracted so many internationally renowned companies?   Following I will reveal the secrets one by one for everyone.

hot water drink pump

First of all, in response to the 98-100 degree high temperature problem that the industry is most concerned about, TOPSFLO pumps have comprehensively solved all high temperature hidden dangers for customers from materials and technology :
1. TOPSFLO high temperature pump adopts Japanese original imported Xyron PPE high temperature resistant plastic material. Compared with other ordinary products of PA or domestic plastic, it has higher temperature resistance and better reliability;
2. Adopt injection-molded magnetic integrated rotor, and Japanese imported magnets can withstand high temperature of 460 degrees;
3. Using well-known brand enameled wire, the highest temperature resistance is 180-220 degrees.
Secondly, when the water boils, a large number of bubbles will be produced, which is easy to trap and block the gas, resulting in reduced flow and noise problems, so gas exhaust becomes a very critical problem.  TOPSFLO engineering team has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of small DC pumps, they have directly participated in customer pipeline installation design for many times, so very familar about the customer’s problems and provides customers with professional solutions and optimized design support to achieve the best match with the customer’s application: such as strengthen the sealing of the water inlet and outlet design,  patent exhaust design, ways of acceleratting exhaust combined with the actual installation position etc.
Finally, the pump material passed WRAS and FDA food certification. Most people is familiar with FDA, it is recognized as one of the largest food and drug regulatory agencies in the world. It has very strict requirements and is directly recognized by the US market.  Then what is WRAS ? How powerful is it?  WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certification refers to the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme, and WRAS is a certification for drinking water safety in the UK, also a necessary license for the UK market, the most convincing proof. Currently, there is no laboratory authorized by WRAS in China to certify water pump products, so in order to do this certification, TOPSFLO Pumps all components and materials are sent directly to the British laboratory for testing. The testing process is also very strict. After one year of testing, the certification was successfully obtained. After the certificate is granted by WRAS, it will be re-inspected regularly to ensure the long-term safety and health of the product. It can be said that there are very few domestic water pump companies that comply with FDA and WRAS certification. This is also a very obvious advantage of TOPSFLO Pump becoming the preferred partner of large companies. All materials of the product are absolutely safe and secure.
Integrated many technical advantages, TOPSFLO pumps have achieved the ultimate in noise quietness, high temperature safety, food safety,  stable and reliable for batches. TOPSFLO made the pumps by heart, taking the highest standards and full comprehensive design into considerations, its performance are properly comparable with German and Japanese big brand pumps, besides, the cost is much competitive, so TOPSFLO pumps have become the first choice for high-end applications by many internationally renowned customers.  Sincerely hope that the TOPSFLO high temperature pump can bring a safe and quiet hot drink machine comfortable experience to more families !

A Water Boiler Pump That Can Truly Withstand Extreme High Temperature Continuously

TOPSFLO solves the industry difficulty of high-temperature resistance

As a pump manufacturer in dc micro pump industry for over 17 years, TOPSFLO has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing and export of high-end micro brushless DC water pump since 2005, adhering to independent brand; Like many German enterprises with industry reputation, the company only concentrates on one product for hundreds of years but makes this product reach the best level in their respective field, this is also what TOPSFLO pursue. Just as we deeply understand that it is not easy to do a high-temperature pump, let alone to do a pump that can withstand extreme high temperature for a Long time. Because making a high-temperature pump is closely related to every minor part and solution, so as to achieve the overall and long-term high temperature resistance. However, TOPSFLO is not afraid of this industry difficulty, and adheres to independent R&D and breakthrough, finally completing the extreme verification of long-term operation of TL-B04 water boiler pump, and successfully received highly favorable feedback from market.

At present, the most of customers using water boiler pump in the market constantly face the following problems, which are difficult to be solved and have been troubled for many years:
1. Deformation of plastic materials under high temperature
2. Components fail and burn out under high temperature
3. Motor burns down under high temperature
4. After running at high temperature for a period of time, the flow rate weakens

After 2 years of research, validation and in-depth communication with customers about actual problems and requirements of water boiler machine, TOPSFLO’s professional TL-B04 high-temperature water boiler pump could solve above industry problems, and combined with customer equipment to optimize and achieve maximum efficiency reliability of operation:

1. Shell plastic material: using Korean high-temperature and food-grade PPS plastic parts, never using mixed materials and returning materials, no cracking or deformation after long-term and high-temperature use.
2. Supporting long-term and high-temperature electronic solution: in the early stage of electronic solution design, considering the extreme operating conditions of strong and weak power zoning, the allowance design is sufficient, and there is no failure risk in long-term high-temperature use; Adopting international brand electronic components, long-term and high-temperature use is stable and reliable, such as Samsung, Yageo, Melexis, DT, ST, etc.
3.Patented high-temperature exhaust design, which can effectively solve the problem of cavitation: with the unique invention patented high-temperature exhaust rotor, under different temperatures, the weakened flow rate is within 10%, and the flow output is stable at high temperature, no increase in noise and unstable flow.
4. All products have passed CQC quality certification, CE, RoHS, REACH, WRAS, FDA, NSF and other international certification, in line with the standard of drinking food industry.
5. Long-term and high-temperature verification: according to the actual working conditions of the water boiler industry, the simulation of continuous and intermittent tests in extreme high temperature are carried out in a targeted manner, and verification is fully reliable, solving the long-term intolerant high-temperature use of safety risks of water pump in the industry.
6. Focusing on the high-end market for more than 17 years, TOPSFLO has been serving many Fortune 500 companies, especially in the water boiler industry, accumulating rich experience from major customers and cooperating with many world-renowned brands: BDR, Sakura, 3M, Billi, Kohler, Tesla, Whirlpool, etc., has served over 10,000 customers totally.
If you have water boiler product under development or needs to be improved, if a water pump that can withstand high temperature and 100 ℃ operation continuously, TOPSFLO would be your first priority.
In the future, TOPSFLO will continue to adhere to the vision of “creating cutting-edge products in the world’s micro-pump industry and becoming a respected century-old brand”, and will continue to research and breakthrough industry problems to achieve the goal of a century-old leader in the micro-pump industry.

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