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1.What is a Water Heater pump?

What is a Water Heater pump?

Now almost every bathroom has an electric water heater, which provides convenience for people’s daily washing. An electric water heater is a water heater that uses electricity as an energy source for heating. It is one of the three major water heaters alongside gas water heaters and solar water heaters. Electric water heaters can be divided into three types: water storage type (also known as volumetric or thermal storage type), instant heating type, and quick heating type (also known as semi-water storage type) according to the heating power.

How electric water heaters work?
The working principle of all electric water heaters is the same. The cold water enters the bottom of the storage tank by the pressure of the pipe network. There is a heating pipe in the barrel. The thermostat and timer control the heating pipe. It is light, so the hot water will float on the top of the barrel. At this time, if you open the hot water faucet, due to the atmospheric pressure, cold water will enter the barrel, and the hot water floating on the top will be pushed out.

Installation of electric water heater
1. The installation location of the electric water heater is basically in the bathroom. The load-bearing wall must be selected first before installation. Generally speaking, electric water heaters must be installed on load-bearing walls according to the requirements of each manufacturer. The so-called load-bearing wall is more than 24cm thick solid brick wall, or concrete wall, or concrete beam. Due to the structural problems of the house, if there is no load-bearing wall and the material of the wall is foam brick, hollow brick, or nine-hole brick, the electric water heater can also be installed, but it needs to be reinforced by professional service personnel.
2. The bottom of the electric water heater is best close to the sewer, and it is best not to put it on the toilet.
3. Before installation, it is best to reserve space for maintenance. If maintenance space is not reserved, it will be troublesome when maintenance or maintenance is required in the future. Generally, the distance between the right side of the electric water heater and the wall should be at least 30cm. If the electric water heater is installed in the ceiling in a fully hidden or semi-hidden way, the ceiling cover on the right side of the electric water heater must be movable for future maintenance.
4. The pressure relief valve must be installed with a guide pipe. And lead to the floor drain or drain.
5. The distance between the dark pipe mouth and the bottom of the electric water heater is generally greater than 30cm, the distance between the inlet and outlet pipes is 10cm, and the distance between the cold and hot water ports of the mixing valve is 15cm.

The role of electric water heater booster pump
The hot water booster pump refers to a miniature centrifugal water pump. When the pump is working, the water in the pump cavity rotates at a high speed with the impeller, generating centrifugal force to pressurize the hot water. Its main function is to pressurize the water in the water heater twice. After that, the outlet pipe pressure is the inlet pressure plus the boost pressure, so as to achieve the boost effect. It can solve the problem of insufficient water pressure in the pipeline, or make the water pressure of the shower reach the pressure required by the user.

Installation location of booster pump for electric water heater
The booster water pump is fixed inside the electric water heater through the mounting bracket, installed in the water inlet pipe, and transports cold water to the heating component.

How to choose the electric water heater booster pump?
When producing water heaters, water heater manufacturers need to communicate closely with water pump manufacturers to select and test water pumps to choose the most suitable water pump. Usually choose a DC 12v, 24v or 36v water pump. The brushless DC booster pump has the following advantages:
1. Brushless motor, compared with AC motor, the efficiency is improved by 30%;
2. Built-in smart chip, which can adjust flow and signal feedback, and adjust according to the needs of shower water flow and water temperature;
3. The 12V/24V DC voltage matches the built-in power supply of the water heater, which can realize constant voltage and steady flow, and is not affected by the peak period of electricity consumption;
4. Under the same parameters, compared with AC water pump, the noise is lower, and the shower enjoyment is better;
5. Smaller size, 20,000 hours long life, improve water heater design space and quality reliability.

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